Fire Candle Flame


Fire – Candle – Flame

Then you have Fire… we call it as Agni… but it is a very silent fire… it doesn’t burn anybody… but it burns all the wrong things within you… whatever wrong things you have, it burns… and it burns the wrong things in other people also. Moreover, a Realised Soul cannot get burnt… the fire cannot burn… the burning cannot come to him… it is very important to understand… also if you are doing something wrong, it may burn you… but if you are a good Sahaja Yogi… and I should say a perfect Sahaja Yogi, fire will never burn you. We have an example of Sitaji… that she went into the fire… nothing burnt her (1998-1216)

An enlightened flame will burn off any impurity, anything that is unwanted in a person – fire is a purifier (1978-1005); Used with the candle to clear the left side subtle system (1983-0121); Is the quality of the right side (1978-1005); Just ask the fire to take away your problems… it takes away (1980-0609); Fire burns, and gives light – it also cooks, and nourishes others. You are the fire and the light, and the controller of the two, and the choice to be either. Better start to be the light (1981-1103)

If the flame of a candle starts flickering in front of the Photo, this is alright, and means that there is a problem, and that it is being corrected by the Photo (1981-0328); Baddhas can be burned off by the fire, by the flame, and are to be seen as the flickering of the flame (1978-1005), while bhoots are also burned with the candle… and may go pop, pop, pop – and that’s why the candle has to be put (1992-0209); Behind… he has to be given light… his back Agnya is not alright… tell them to… give light on his back Agnya (1995-0625); If they have a problem with the Agnya, they should use a candle at the back… if their eyesight is getting weak, or is shortsighted (1983-0209); By using a candle in a certain way, we have cured blood cancer (1989-0617.2)

For a person who is left sided, a good ghee lamp should be burnt… and then to see me through that. A candle is nice to look at… but I don’t think that wax is so good (1984-0214)

Those who went off to sleep… who were struggling at that time… of my lecture… may not have understood. It’s a very difficult and a subtle subject… but those who have been like that should look after themselves… should find out. One thing they can do is to put a candle near their left Swadisthan, a little far… and put one candle before the photograph… and put left hand towards the photograph, and right hand on Mother Earth… it works… and the candle at the back should be kept little far away because it makes sound, it goes this way, and that way… it burns. Those who have been taking drugs, not LSD, but other drugs, the drowsy people who feel sleepy, whose brains are destroyed by drugs… all those people can benefit a lot by this… do it every day (1986-0504)

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– end – 6 May 2003