There should not be so much attention on food (1983-0131); When you eat, you don’t understand that this tongue belongs to a Sahaja Yogi… you shouldn’t hanker after anything… like if somebody likes tea, he’ll go on taking 15 cups… that’s no good… or if he’s fond of one sort of food, he won’t take another food. Thinking too much about food all the time… asking for food and organising food all the time… that spoils your Vishuddhi very badly (1980-0127.2); We should vibrate our food – the food should carry love, be cooked with love, and be eaten with love, with kind words; It is better to avoid hotel food, which is not cooked with love (1983-0131)

Food can be used to assist in correcting an imbalance in the subtle system, by using more carbohydrates, or vegetarian type foods, and avoiding too much proteins, for a person who is too much on the right side, or the converse for a person who is too much on the left side (1983-0121); We should eat food according to our needs. In general, in the West one should take more to vegetarian foods (1983-0131); Those who are right sided should take to foods which are left sided i.e. carbohydrates, and should become partly vegetarian, and should eat things at the most like chickens, but not fishes or sea food, because they are all hot (1983-0121)

You have to eat that food with some prayer… bless that food, thank God that you have got that food… then the satisfaction comes in better (1985-0421); A Sahaja Yogi eats… thinking… as a human being, it is his duty to eat, that’s all… and not for taste… not for greed… not for showing off… in a very simple manner he eats (1996-0716)

Indian food is a heavy food… it’s not so light as English food, or Western food, which is very light, easy to digest. But Indian food is not, and that is why we are asked to dance, and to have some exercise, like a little walking so we can digest it. Indians also have this fondness to feed you… they are very anxious to feed you, but don’t fall a trap to that… you should say no no no… they themselves don’t eat so much (1988-1221)

And don’t buy any food on the road or anything and eat there… so that your stomach is kept well, and you enjoy the best of health (in India – Ed) (1988-1207); A little chillies will help you, because normally people get constipation if you don’t take chillies (1988-1207)

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