Technique used daily for clearing the subtle system (1983-0121), and for only 10 minutes, you have to sit, but with full heart (1983-0204), and is done with salt in water (1983-0129); Everyone must have a regular sitting in the water every day… that’s important. You have to soak your feet in the water, because the water is the ocean (1983-0121)

The simplest way is… I mean we have found this… that after Realisation, if you go for seven days treatment with soaking feet before my photograph, it works out. Then you start establishing your auspiciousness… and once you have established it… then you don’t lose it very easily. Afterwards when you become very strong, you don’t mind working on anyone whatsoever (1980-0721)

Everyday you must soak your feet in water… if you have the chance, do it… because that is how you cleanse. I was amazed that some people just don’t soak their feet… don’t do anything… and they’re supposed to be Sahaja Yogis. This is our way of life… is to keep ourselves cleansed… this is bathing ourselves; All those who have to be Sahaja Yogis, who have to live in ashrams, have to soak their feet every night… and have to meditate (1980-0907); Sit with both your hands towards the photograph, and put both the feet in the water, with little bit of salt in it, for about 5 or 10 minutes. You must allow the vibrations to clear you out… then wipe your feet, and put the water properly into some disposal, and then sit down for meditation. If you can do that every day, even 10 minutes is more than sufficient… you don’t have to do anything in an extreme manner (1988-0921)

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– end – 11 Sep 2002