Ekadesha Rudra is on your forehead… if you bow before any wrong guru… you catch your Ekadesha Rudra (1981-0904); Christ… who in his destroying incarnation known as Mahavishnu, or Kalki, is situated on our foreheads, and is coming for the Last Judgement, when every human being is going to be sorted out (1979-0928)… but those who have got Realisation will enter into the Kingdom of God (1981-1006); He has 11 destructive powers, with which He is going to come back (1981-0926); The 11 powers include the powers from: Ganesha; Bhairava; Hirenyagarbha (the collective Brahmadeva); Kartikeya; Hanumana; Mahavishnu (Christ); Buddha; Mahavira; Shiva/Parvati; Sadashiva/Adi Shakti; and Virata. The powers of Eka Desha Rudra can be destroyed by misidentifications (1983-0204; 1984-0916; 1997-0316), and may form a ridge… across the upper part… of the forehead (1982-0711; 1984-0622)

Kalki is an abbreviation of Nishkalanka, and has the same meaning as Mother’s name, Nirmala, and means ‘spotlessly clean’ – without any spots on it. This Incarnation has been described in the Puranas, as coming on this Earth on a ‘white horse’ in a place called Shambhalkul. Bhala means ‘forehead’, and ‘shambhala’ means ‘at that stage’, so it means that Kalki is situated on your Bhala, your forehead. Here he is going to be born. This is the real meaning of Shambhalkul (1979-0928)

Kalki stays on our forehead, and when the chakra of Kalki is caught up, the whole of Moordha, on top goes out of order, the whole head becomes a blocket. Such people do not allow Kundalini to rise above Hamsa. If you put your forehead before wrong gurus, or also, if there is too much thinking, both can create a problem. The whole forehead, if it is covered by bumps, then you must know that the Kalki chakra is out of order, and if the Kalki chakra is out of order, then all the fingers start burning, on the hands and on the palms, and sometimes even in the body, you get terrible burning. A person’s Kalki chakra catching means he might be down with a horrible disease like cancer or leprosy etc. or he may be about to collapse into some sort of a calamity (1979-0928)

It would be a good idea… to start using a little oil for the head… in the night… as Sahaja Yogis, you should… better use some nice coconut oil, and rub on your head nicely, in the night… and in the morning… after all it doesn’t show much… and comb your hair in a proper way. If your dresses… and your hair are… like bhoots… then the bhoots will take over, thinking… ‘oh, this is a bhoot sitting down here… better take hold of that bhoot’… so dress up in a way… that you shouldn’t have hair on your forehead at all… keep it straight… make it nice… and have absolutely clean foreheads (1986-0504)

Buddha… was born at the same time as Christ, and Mahavira, and all 3 are at the same level in the Virata’s forehead (1995-1224)

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