Each human being has been given freedom… for his further evolution… but with this freedom, he can spoil the manifestation of God. So we must have wisdom about it. Now in that freedom you must understand what is glorious for you… when you understand that, then you tell yourself that I have to become something more… that’s why God has done all this… only thing I have to do is to completely co-ordinate, co-operate and surrender to His will… so that I become, and in that surrendering you do the greatest thing, because by that you do not interfere with His work (1980-0517.1)

I think people must take it more seriously about the whole thing… and should understand it… and learn it – we are Gurus. The main thing is that we do not take any money you see… so people think, you see… ‘that we are not bound… that we are absolutely free to come and go’… but this freedom sometimes makes a person a little superficial… or sometimes a little frivolous… but, this is so precious… so invaluable… that you cannot charge… any money for this knowledge (1982-1008)

The Divine looks after you… it has all the powers. Only one power it does not have, is to control you… if you want to ruin yourself, it gives you freedom, complete freedom… that’s why you must curb down that freedom, and respect the Divine Power (1998-0510); Freedom is only given to human beings (1995-1224), and is given by God. If we choose wrongly, then we cannot blame God (1979-0616); A humble person is a free person, free to be humble, to be kindly, to be gentle, to be compassionate. And only a person who is not guilty will be really humble (1985-0901)

I have never forced you to do anything; If you want to stay in Sahaja Yoga, alright… if you don’t want to stay in Sahaja Yoga, you can go; I have told many a times that you have all freedom to choose whichever person you like… and you can always say ‘no Mother, I don’t want’… you have all freedom… if you don’t want to get married… alright… if you want to get married…alright (1989-1203)

You see… freedom is different… and abandonment is different… these are two things one must understand. Say there is a kite in your hand… alright… then it is in your hand… but if you allow the kite to fly wherever it likes… it is abandonment. So the freedom is that in which you can manage to manoeuvre it… to man it… to take it the way you like… that’s freedom… then you are free… but if you… baselessly you are roaming about… then this is abandonment… for which there is always a punishment; Like you will be amazed… that in the western countries, the percentage of impotent people is so high… unbelievably it is like that… they talk so much about sex… and do ‘other’ things… it’s all talking… so much of impotency is settled in these western countries… and the diseases, the dirty diseases… which are caused by these indiscriminate sex activities are so much… that they have to be guarded against (1979-1202.3)

You see… if somebody says ‘give me the freedom to put both my hands into the electricity socket’… is this freedom. And I don’t understand what is the freedom they enjoy like this… because then, there is jealousy – you cannot go about with many girls, because there is jealousy… you cannot go about with many boys, because there can be murders. You see… why people murder… their ego is hurt… nobody says ‘alright you go ahead, have a boyfriend… I am very happy’ – no-one likes it… it hurts. They do it secretly… they cannot do it openly (1979-1202.3)

If it is freedom, it should be open… why is there secrecy about it. They’ll hide from the man with whom they are connected, and just do it secretly… this is not good… they are deceiving themselves… and they are deceiving another person. Deception… this is not freedom. When you put your eyes on somebody who belongs to someone else, then you are thieving. In the registration office, it is said… that you are the wife of such and such… then… your husband is the owner… or you are the owner of your husband… I mean this relationship is between the two… but if some sort of a relationship is to be established like a thief… then you do it secretly… it is not registered anywhere… you understand my point… otherwise, they become absolutely shameless… abandoned (1979-1202.3)

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