It’s very easy to make fun of people, for small things, here and there… but when we start making fun of others, we also become a target of fun (.0011); The men must respect the women… and respect their great qualities… and they should not make fun of their wives all the time – I’ve seen… if that is done, then women stoop down to the same level. I can’t understand how men can use their intelligence in such a stupid manner… because she is the mother of your children – if you make fun of her, the children will also make fun of her. Of course, she has to respect you, because she receives her authority from you… but also you must maintain her authority… you must keep her in proper shape (1997-1231)

What is the idea of our fun, is also very funny… because the fun is… ‘how we give up our respectability’ – like the students who moved a girl’s car and put another like it, in it’s place, all the time laughing and joking. How can such foolish fun make you happy… this is stupidity… wasting your time… idiocity… but behind it is something sinister (1980-0809)

Make your ego be challenged… not to get into temper… try that your ego doesn’t react… that can be achieved very easily if you try… in the mirror, look at yourself, and laugh at yourself… make fun of yourself (1986-0504)

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– end – 3 Mar 2003