Ganapatipule is a very important place for Sahaja Yoga (1987-1230.1)… is the place where Shri Ganesha becomes Mahaganesha, and where he is surrounded by the Father Principle, the Guru Principle… the sea… the ocean… the Indian Ocean. That is, here he becomes the Guru (1985-0000.1); In Ganapatipule, Shri Ganesha is in it’s complete matured form… then, our eyes become pure, powerful, and Divine (1985-0000.1)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1987-1230.1 Marriage, Kolapur – see 1987-1219 good 45

1985-0000.1 Mahaganesha Puja – see 1985-0000.1 good 10 1985-0000.1 Mahaganesha Puja and other Talks – India

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