The Ganas… those who are controlled by Shri Ganesha… i.e. Sahaja Yogis… and also the antibodies (1995-0910; 1991-0001); The antibodies… called ‘Ganas’ in Sanskrit… are under the control of the sternum bone, by which they are produced, and fight off ‘attacks’, or diseases… are ultimately under the control of the ‘Centre Heart’ chakra (MME)

The Ganas… are in Sadashiva’s Country, England, and are very active beings (1985-0806); Are… on the left side (1989-0524); On the left side we have the Ganas, and on the right side we have the Angels (1989-0423); Ganapati… is Shri Ganesha, King of all Ganas (1986-0907), and who has got a trunk you see… and whom we call as Ganapati… who actually incarnated as Christ on the Earth later on (1983-1001)

Intuition is nothing but is the help of the Ganas which are surrounding you… if you learn to take help from the Ganas, you can become very intuitive. Of the whole of Sahaja Yoga, I would say 50% of that is based on intuition… and for that you have to develop a proper sense of Shri Ganesha. Ganesha is Ganapati… the master… the chief of all the Ganas – so the Ganas give you intuition (1988-0710)

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