Shri Ganesha

The first created Deity, who controls the Mooladhara chakra below the Kundalini, and guards the gates of Hell (1981-1005); He whose qualities include Wisdom (1997-0600), Auspiciousness, Holiness, Purity, Innocence and Vibrations. The first to be worshipped. He controls all the Ganas, the antibodies (1995-0910, 1991-0001); Who exists as Chaitanya… who exists in the atoms and molecules, as vibrations… symmetric and asymmetric (1987-0114); Who catches the essence of everything (1981-1103)

Shri Ganesha… he is sitting on all the chakras…without him nothing can work out, because he is the one who is Holiness (1991-1231); We should think what qualities we have got from him of great chastity… great purity… also of wisdom… our wisdom… is something very innate thing… and it comes through our maturity. So this maturity can only come through the proper attention to your Kundalini… to fixing up your Kundalini with the All Pervading Power. This has to be done through regular meditation… it’s not a ritual… but it should be done whenever you feel like it… and after some time you’ll find that you are all the time in meditation… you don’t have to even meditate but you are in meditation (1991-1231)

Shri Ganesha is covered with Lead Oxide… with a red Lead Oxide… which is extremely cold. Lead Oxide is a very cool thing… that Lead Oxide is used to cover all his body… to balance the heat that he has… or the effects of heat he has… so we call it in Sanskrit language is called as Sindur… and in Marathi as Shindura… so he’s always covered with that colour, Sindur colour (1990-0831)

Ganesha the embodiment of innocence, is as a child, the embodiment of childhood, with the head and trunk of an elephant (1979-0507), the wisest animal, with no ego or superego, and whose Kundalini is on his stomach (1991-0915; 1986-0907); Who has the mouse as his Vahana (1981-1103); Who has 4 hands (1986-0907); Is the power of all Deities, and is found on all chakras; Who took his birth as Christ, and has the quality of magnetism… attraction and repulsion in people, and migration in birds. Who is very powerful, yet playful, but gets very angry with anyone who is against his Mother. Holds a ‘hunter’ in his hand, as did Christ (1990-0828); Was the son of Radha and Krishna, and became Lord Jesus Christ – so Christ was the son of Shri Krishna… when Ganesha was first made, he was the son of Parvati alone (1986-0907)

On the Mooladhara Chakra resides the Deity of Shri Ganesha, who is the embodiment of innocence… and who incarnated on this Earth as Jesus Christ… and who is the highest, the purest Incarnation… the reason is because his body was also made of the Principle of Brahma… means the Principle of Divine Power… that’s why his body was resurrected (1979-0618); Brahma tattwa, in the form of Ganesha, and incarnated as Jesus Christ (1978-0911)

The Deity… of Shri Ganesha… who represents the stage between animals and man… whose head is that of the animal… showing… an animal does not have an ego…and that a man is different from an animal… that the animal is innocent… that he doesn’t know what is sin… that is why he is innocent. He is innocence personified… and he incarnated too on this Earth… as Lord Jesus Christ. He is made of that essence of Divine Nature of God, that we call as Parama Tattwa… the highest essence of God… his body is made out of that… and that is the reason he could resurrect. At every point, at every chakra… he bestows on you the blessings of his innocence (1977-1121)

If we have a strong Mooladhara, then the Mahakali power is the strongest within us. All her powers are actually expressed in Omkara, which is Shri Ganesha, and this Shri Ganesha power within us represents the complete love of Mahakali, and all the powers of destroying the evil forces (1989-0617.1)

When Shri Ganesha is awakened, we have a sparkle in the eyes, no lust or greed, but a powerful glance that can purify thousands. The Kundalini cannot move without the permission of Shri Ganesha. He is Sahaj, creates spontaneity, he removes all obstacles, he creates all miracles, gives joy of eating, tells how to build up pure relationships, emits all kinds of fragrance, gives power to overcome arrogance. Shri Ganesha’s is a silent power that acts… is dynamic (1986-0907)

Who through the Pelvic plexus, controls the excretory functions, as well as the sex, and is like the lotus in the mud. We thus have to be correct in our ideas about sex (1979-0507); Ganeshas powers are all expressed through left Vishuddhi (1985-0901); The left side starts and ends with Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha has only basic one quality… that he’s completely surrendered to his Mother. He does not know any other God… he does not even know his Father. He only knows his Mother. He is completely surrendered to Her (1982-1219)… Shri Ganesha worships our Mother (1985-0629)… he knows ‘just to keep the Mother pleased’ (1986-0907); The Eternal Child, the giver of wisdom, the epitome of respect for the Mother, the most powerful of all Deities. Shri Ganesha tattwa is in vibrated water. He it is who brings natural disasters as punishments for collective wrongdoings (1989-0808)

It is Shri Ganesha who creates the child within the mother’s womb… he selects the face… the colour… everything. With his magnetic power, he manages to attract the right type of genes… he does all such important things for you… all the time busy… he never rests… so full of joy and hard work (1984-0902)

The whole of Europe, America and England… they have lost faith in Shri Ganesha… nor do they care for his powers or his blessings… as a result, all his blessings are not on these countries (1993-0721); The first, and the highest blessing, of Shri Ganesha is Wisdom – those people who have got wisdom are very lucky people… a person is wise who does not only know what is right and wrong, but also he knows very well his own power, not to do something wrong… he just does not do it; When Shri Ganesha is insulted, complete blockage takes place in a human being I think… he becomes an idiot… but this wisdom can be easily brought back, if we awaken the Kundalini. Without his help, Kundalini cannot be awakened, and if Shri Ganesha knows that Kundalini is to be awakened, he forgives everything… forgets everything… and comes to assist you… at every chakra, he is there to support you (1993-0721)

The another power that Ganesha has, is he generates innocence within us – we respect our innocence… our chastity… and a lifestyle which is decent and decorous… this is the reason why in Sahaja Yoga we have to be particular about how we dress up… that our dress should be decent, dignified, and… should in no way show our vulgarity… we should look after our chastity… and our morality… which is meant for both women and men… not only in dress, but even in day to day life, it is important (1993-0721)

The hidden power of Shri Ganesha is left Vishuddhi, and is acting like chastity, through the left Vishuddhi; Is to be established not by giving bandhans, or taking vibrations from the Mother and then getting lost, but by correcting yourself morning til evening, and facing yourself, and not feeling guilty; Interest in another sex all the time is not a sign of chastity (1985-0901); In some countries, they think that chastity is only for the women, and not for men… it’s very wrong… it is meant for both of them (1993-0721)

The third quality, which I am saying today… is that a person who is innocent should have no fear… because God looks after innocent people… they are always protected… if anybody tries to harm the innocent, God protects them. In the whole history, you will find that… wherever… children have been killed, or where innocence has been attacked, the whole society… has revolted against it… this revolt comes from Shri Ganesha’s power… that he can definitely create a feeling of detest for people who try to be unkind to children (1993-0721)

The Mother Earth is so innocent… whether you are good or bad, she gives you fruits… she looks after you… of course up to a point… after that she may bring forth some sort of calamity, like an earthquake or something. In Los Angeles area… they are generating all these funny ideas about insulting Shri Ganesha within us… also America seems to be quite in danger as far as Nature is concerned… the reason is that from America, all these ideas ooze out… and people accept them blindfolded (1993-0721)

So the responsibility of Sahaja Yogis is very important that their Ganesha Principle should be alright… if it is not alright, then the whole of Sahaja Yoga movement can collapse. For ladies and for men, I have to make a humble request, that they should try to put their Shri Ganesha in a respectable position in their lifestyle… that it should be the highest… the most important (1993-0721)

In the Sahaja Yoga system, if we say that Ganesha is the one who gives us… he’s the Aadyaksha, means he is the… I call him as the Chancellor of the University… he is the one who gives our degree to us… now you have crossed this chakra… that chakra… that chakra…and he helps us to know that what state we are in. So Ganesha gives us say Nirvichara Samadhi which can call it as Thoughtless Awareness… and Nirvikalpa Samadhi… he gives all that… and also he gives us Joy… but the understanding that this is good, that this is for our benevolence, the mental understanding comes to us from Shri Hanumana… and it’s very important for western people… because it has to be mental… otherwise they won’t understand. If it is not mental they cannot come into Abstract… it has to be mental… and so the mental understanding of whether it is good or bad is given to us by Shri Hanumana (1990-0831)

There are so many qualities of Shri Ganesha… that he is a child… he is very playful… he’s very interesting and extremely humble… and despite his weight, he’s very lightweight, because he can sit on a small little mouse. He doesn’t try to show off… and his Vahana is the smallest creature which can really crawl… a mouse. Shri Ganesha always tries to please his Mother… he knows what his Mother will like… he has complete dedication to the Mother. If you have to gain anything… to achieve any knowledge within… to ascend higher… then you have to learn from Shri Ganesha… what he does and what is his relationship with his Mother. The most matured Deity is Shri Ganesha (1993-0721)

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