If you can tolerate it, you can have some garlic… garlic is very good… if you can manage… in the night… before sleeping… if you could have one part of the garlic… it would be a good idea (0.0012); Those who are strict vegetarians, who don’t eat even garlic… and don’t eat even onions, are very vulnerable to the left side business… and on top of that, if they go to a guru who is left sided, they are even worse. One has to be a normal person, eating the right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and fat… left sided people have to be very very careful… and not to just assert themselves on that point (1983-0209)

In your ears, if you can put some olive oil, little bit heated up… with garlic in it… that’s very good for the ears (1985-0502)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

.0012 Weekend seminar in Pune, Tape 2 good 50

1983-0209 Problems of Left, Right and Centre – Bombay good 65 1985-0502 Niraananda, Vienna Ashram good 60

– end – 3 Mar 2003