By generosity we nourish our hearts. When we give, try to feel that we are giving what God has given (1982-1101); By generosity the circulation starts, and you solve your material problems. If only one door is open, no fresh air will come in – but if you open another door, then you will see, there is circulation of air (1986-0921.1); This ‘giving’ is the most beautiful thing that Sahaja Yogis can do (1988-1226); The greatest advancement for your emancipation is done by your ‘giving’. Among us there are people who have given a lot, and by that they have achieved a lot too. You have to give, talk about it, spread it, and bring more people to get this – otherwise they will be left out of the evolutionary process (1976-0330)

The central path of Sushumna, is for people who are in the ‘centre’… who have their proper understanding… and have got their wisdom. These people are extremely generous… generosity is the only way you can express your love for others… all your material wealth has no meaning, unless and until you show generosity for the people… but it should be quiet and silent (1983-0209); In Sahaja Yoga, as you grow from one to another, there are different types of Anandas… and when you see your generosity… you get Shivaananda (1985-0502)

With the Nabhi chakra, we enjoy our generosity in giving to others (1989-0801) – regarding money, it is a very punya giving thing to donate, to be generous… so that it helps others to develop themselves in Sahaja Yoga. This generosity will always help you (1988-1217); When the aesthetics of matter starts giving you joy… you do not want to possess it… even if you want to possess it, it would be just to enjoy it and give it away to somebody else. When you develop your witness state, this will come to you that you will not keep things to yourself, but you would like to give and share. Sharing… that is the time you should know, you have become a witness… because you are enjoying (1980-0927); Sharing of your things is an extremely joy giving thing… that is how all of us have to live… sharing things. Don’t think about yourself… think of others… think what others like; It is such a joygiving thing… to cook for others. So the Principle of Lakshmi is only enjoyed, when you share with others… we have to learn to share (1996-0716)

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– end – 20 Apr 2003