It is Shri Ganesha who creates the child within the mother’s womb… he selects the face… the colour… everything. With his magnetic power he manages to attract the right type of genes… he does all such important things for you… all the time busy… never rests… so full of joy and hard work (1984-0902); In Sahaja Yoga, genes can change (1996-0505), when we become the Spirit (1998-0321)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1984-0902 Ganesha Puja talk, Switzerland [French translation] good 55 1996-0505 We must feel responsible, Sahastrara, Cabella good 55 1998-0321 75th Birthday Puja, Delhi good 55

– end – 11 Sep 2002