Giving Realisation


Giving Realisation

Can only happen in the body, and only in humans, not animals (1981-0921); Is beyond the mind (1997-0600); After Realisation, nothing against Christ or Ganesha will be tolerated (1986-0907)

‘What is to be done… to be Realised’ was the first question people asked… when they were not Realised… ‘what should we do Mother, to get Realised’… and I had to tell them… ‘nothing… just spread your hands towards me… and it will work out’… it does… it works out that way. Now after Realisation, you have to do something… again the question comes in… ‘what should we do… for this… what is the technique’. The trouble with Sahaja Yogis, as they are today, is they are all technocrats… it is better they should forget about techniques, and worry more about spontaneity (0.0011)

How to give it to others:

Put the Photo with light (a candle) before it (1979-0000.2), remove shoes, so no pressure is on the feet and nothing between feet and Mother Earth, and also as sign of respect. Put both hands to the Photo [or to Shri Mataji – Ed]… close the eyes, feet straight on the ground, and apart, sit comfortably with hands on the lap (1983-0127); You have to keep your eyes shut… if you keep your eyes open the Kundalini won’t rise above this centre (Agnya – Ed). This is absolutely the other way round… in hypnosis they hypnotise through your eyes… so keep your eyes shut and just be relaxed… and don’t worry about others (1982-1008; 1982-1007); Before closing your eyes… see that there’s nothing hanging on your neck… very heavy… or something tight here… or you can little bit loosen your knots would be better… because Kundalini has to rise (1982-1007); Let the attention go loose, leave it alone, you don’t have to do anything – then it will work out (1979-1009.1); Raise the Kundalini from behind, and from down below (1979-0000.2) – left hand steady, and right hand rotating around it, up, forward, down, back, and repeat, as move upwards, and tie knot above the head. Do this 3 times, and on the last time tie 3 knots. Start feeling the Cool Breeze (1983-0127)

There is no hard and fast rule – but you should be comfortable so that the attention does not go on this or that thing… on a chair or on the ground, both are alright. It is the simplest of all things… is the easiest thing – you are born to get it, it is your right – something has to happen. It is the living work of God (1979-0416)

Remove your shoes, that is important (1979-0530), and put the feet straight on the ground, because we use Mother Earth to take away some of the problems (1979-1009.1); The process takes just 10 minutes, the journey is very small, from sacrum bone to Fontanelle bone, just 3 to 4 feet, that’s all (1987-1023); Also… at the chakras, starting at the heart… with left hand towards Shri Mataji, and the right hand on the left side, at the respective chakras… you can say the Affirmations (1987-1116)

You don’t know what joy you get when you give Realisation to somebody… the most joyful moment is when you give Realisation to somebody… just try it… try once and you’ll enjoy it… and then you’ll want more and more and more (1997-0525); Even when you say ‘Mother are you the Holy Ghost’, it works out… it gives you Realisation (1980-0927); When you are giving Realisation to another person… ‘your’ Kundalini is doing the job… poor thing, she is raising… this fellow’s Kundalini, you see… whatever it is (0.0012); If you raise their Kundalini… gradually they’ll come… but you see… they have to be aware of their Realisation… that is a compulsion (1979-1202.3)

– Jai Shri Mataji –

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