The Goddess

The Goddess is always as a Mother (1983-0821)… the Devi, the Adi Shakti; She can be extremely cruel and harsh, yet also can be extremely gentle and mild (1989-1008.1); If you are living in the Kingdom of God, and when the Goddess of that Kingdom arrives… you have to be there (1985-0629)

This Havan is a very good thing for reciting the names of the Goddess… her eyes are given by fire… and in that light… in that fire… in the name of the Goddess we awaken our Deities within us… and burn away all that is wrong in these particular chakras which invoke those powers… so with devotion and understanding you have to do it… because you are really privileged people today… be proud of that, and do with that devotion all these things… we should do it in full devotion. I think very few people can put into the fire… but you can all do symbolically… and how many names do you want to say… do 108… it’s better (1980-1019)

In the olden days when the Goddess had to fight the Rakshasas, the Rakshasas were not involved in human beings as such… they didn’t become Gurus or anything. And so now we find

, in Kali Yuga they have gone into the brains of the Sadhakas… of their devotees. It’s very difficult to remove them… and once they go into the brains of the Sadhakas… then the Sadhakas become of course possessed… they suffer… they have all kinds of problems – but despite that they stick on to that person, because they are mesmerised. Main thing is that in this Kali Yuga there are so many Sadhakas… they are running helter and skelter… they are running all over, trying to find out some way of finding the truth (1991-1209)

Once I went to meet a real guru… he was a very horrid fellow otherwise… but for me, he has tremendous regard… so he started talking to me as you would talk to a Goddess. He said…’you are God… with your power, why don’t you change these worldly people a little bit’… I said ‘that is what is the problem… I have given them freedom… I’ve said… alright this freedom is given to you… you can choose to get transformed or not… I cannot force’… he said ‘but God Almighty you are… you can do anything’… I said ‘I can… do everything, but I do not want to do certain things… and one of them is to take away the freedom… from them… that is their freedom to choose’. So he was quarrelling with me about this… I said ‘your concern is alright, and I understand, because you are a guru… but when I am God, supposing… then my style is different… I can’t be like you’. He said ‘that’s true… you can’t be like me’ (1992-0719)

He was talking to me only, as if I am God standing before him. And then he told all the disciples… you see… you praise… you praise the Lord… you praise Her… because God is fond of praise’… I said ‘really’… he said ‘yes… if you praise the Lord, then he gives you everything… I have seen that… I always praise him… whenever I want something to be done, I just praise him… and he does it for me’. So I said ‘it’s true… I must accept… you cannot get to Mother, unless and until you are really bhakti from your heart… it’s already sort of… a built in… restriction… what can you do… if you don’t have bhakti, you cannot get to Mother… no you cannot… you cannot get to God… but if you have bhakti, then you can get to Mother… it is written… Bhakti Gamya’ (1992-0719)

As you know… I am the Goddess… and the Goddess is supposed to wear, I don’t know how many ornaments, just to adorn her chakras. I have lots of ornaments myself, of my own… but only for Puja, I wear ornaments. I don’t wear… though I am supposed to wear lots… why? Because it may not be that alright… it may be dignified, but may not be that alright to wear all those things all the time… but I am supposed to wear… like I am supposed to wear many more things on the hand here, rings… and on the Feet… everything… all the time… gold… though I don’t do it (1986-0504)

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