Which is always shining, is untarnishable, yet when covered by mud it doesn’t shine – you have to wash it, clean it, and rub it nicely so that it shines. Gold, before it came into it’s own state of gold, was mixed with so many other things… so it had to be heated up, melted away, sieved out and so many processes before it became gold. Then, secondly, the gold has to be kept shining, and thirdly, it has to get a part in the crown of your Mother, so it can never be tarnished. Likewise, in Guru tattwa, it is from the basics that you have to start (1986-0706); Pure gold… is good for vibrations (.0011)

A young girl in India, who is not yet married… could not dress up with gold and all that… they’re not supposed to – only after marriage… it’s only for the married girls (1979-0609.3)

As you know… I am the Goddess… and the Goddess is supposed to wear, I don’t know how many ornaments, just to adorn her chakras. I have lots of ornaments myself, of my own… but only for Puja, I wear ornaments. I don’t wear… though I am supposed to wear lots… why? Because it may not be that alright… it may be dignified, but may not be that alright to wear all those things all the time… but I am supposed to wear… like I am supposed to wear many more things on the hand here, rings… and on the feet… everything… all the time… gold… though I don’t do it (1986-0504)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1986-0706 Guru Puja, Gmunden – see 1986-0706 good 55

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.0011 Weekend seminar in Pune, Tape 1 good 180

1979-0609.3 Maria’s House Tape 3 poor

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– end – 11 Sep 2002