Which is always shining, is untarnishable, yet when covered by mud it doesn’t shine – you have to wash it, clean it, and rub it nicely so that it shines. Gold, before it came into it’s own state of gold, was mixed with so many other things… so it had to be heated up, melted away, sieved out and so many processes before it became gold. Then, secondly, the gold has to be kept shining, and thirdly, it has to get a part in the crown of your Mother, so it can never be tarnished. Likewise, in Guru tattwa, it is from the basics that you have to start (1986-0706); Pure gold… is good for vibrations (.0011)

A young girl in India, who is not yet married… could not dress up with gold and all that… they’re not supposed to – only after marriage… it’s only for the married girls (1979-0609.3)

As you know… I am the Goddess… and the Goddess is supposed to wear, I don’t know how many ornaments, just to adorn her chakras. I have lots of ornaments myself, of my own… but only for Puja, I wear ornaments. I don’t wear… though I am supposed to wear lots… why? Because it may not be that alright… it may be dignified, but may not be that alright to wear all those things all the time… but I am supposed to wear… like I am supposed to wear many more things on the hand here, rings… and on the feet… everything… all the time… gold… though I don’t do it (1986-0504)

You have to be firm on your position. First thing is you have to make your position. Second, is you have to make your dharma. Dharma means you have to allow the flow of these vibrations out continuously. Sometimes you desire to go somewhere, you see somebody has fallen down. Then run and take hold of him and give vibrations and save him. Let the world say anything. Vibrations are flowing from you and that is your dharma. I have told you that the quality of gold is not that it is yellow. Its dharma is also not that ornaments can be made from it. Its dharma is only one and that it is never get spoiled by anything. Similarly diamond has its own dharma that it can cut everything. It is the hardest thing. In the same way, the man has also his dharma to achieve God and know Him and those people who have achieved has their dharma to assimilate it completely and spread it all over the world. [1975-03-29]

That which is in a very tiny amoeba, is in the stomach and cause starvation in human being is awakened in the form of ‘dharma’. Dharma is in everything. As I have said that the dharma of gold is not that because it is yellow in color. Its dharma is even not that you can make ornaments from it. But its dharma [quality] is that in no circumstances it gets tarnished. It does not get spoiled. [1975-03-30]

I have told you hundred times that I need 1,000 people who can sit on this Sahasrāra. I need 1,000 people to sit on horse who never get caught. Is it difficult? Those who are detached … If you are doing something for Sahaj Yoga, you are doing for yourself. If there is someone who says that, ‘I went to the market and purchased so much gold for myself, so many things and did shopping. I worked so hard.’ Whatever you worked hard, whatever you did, it is for yourself, isn’t it? Not for anyone else. You have seen, that whatever you have done till now, you are enjoying the benefits of it. [1975-1221]

Three Powers enter him which, according to the Scriptures, are known as Mahālakṣhmī, Mahāsaraswatī and Mahākālī. Of these Three Powers, Mahāsaraswatī is that power which creates, Mahākālī is that power by which we exist and because of Mahālakṣhmī Power we have become men from stones, we have evolved. Gold has its own dharma that it does not get tarnished. Its yellow color is not its dharma but its dharma is that it does not tarnish. In the same way, man has a dharma. It is Mahālakṣhmī’s job to change the dharmas. It is also Śhrī Viṣhṇu’s job who finally becomes Virāṭa. [1975-1223]

When I say dharma I mean “Dhārayati [yena] sa dharmaḥ” [related to Mahābhārata 12.110.11] which is human beings have got certain religion as everything has got religion. For example, you take a mango from the mango tree, if you plant it you [will] get the mango or else you can see as I told you yesterday that a gold bangle is gold because it is not tarnishable — that is the dharma of gold. The water has got purification dharma, in the same way, a human being has got his own dharma which is expressed in the Bible as Ten Commandments. These are Ten Dharmas a human being is born with, he is born with it. But he has to establish himself into dharma when he has to go into Dharmātīt State, means beyond dharma. But these 10 must be established: if these are not established we cannot play about with them. If you play about with them then this is a problem in your awakening and in your Realization. [1976-01-23]

God is ready to give you blessings, ready to give you all the things. He is doing a big favor to you. If [you] come to Him with your wisdom, He will open the doors and say, ‘Come, come.’ But still, some people will not go to Him. Nothing less for Him, He is ready to give you whatever you ask. But for that, you should deserve that. Your thought of taking from Him is different. For God, He doesn’t have any importance of gold. For Him gold is just like stones or rocks. He wants to give nectar to His children. He is the storehouse of nectar. Would He give you stones or rocks? Nobody received real joy out of material things, it will be of no use. [1976-05-29]

Now see, there is a vibrating force: this is all done through the, as I told you, through the Mahāsaraswatī Power, She creates. Now the vibrating force: He existed. Matter also exists, it must exist. If it does not exist, nothing can exist. So the existence force is given through the Mahālakṣhmī Force, Mahākālī Force, which is acting through Śhrī Gaṇeśh, who is sitting at the nucleus. He is sitting at the nucleus of every! Can you imagine how much it must be? Every molecule, at every atom. You cannot understand the finiteness of His. Now see, say, take one element like gold, how many molecules it has? Can you calculate? [It’s] beyond us! Now how many, yes, you can say, atoms it has? We just cannot calculate it. And then how many Gaṇeśha’s pictures must be there? This is how is it achieved? [1977-02-20]

You have to be an authorized person. Tomorrow you put your hand in an electrical appliance and you said, “There is so many problem.” You should not do it. Only the engineer can do it, the authorized person can do it. This is all unauthorized. The first and foremost thing is that such a person has to be a realized person, and not only realized, but has to be a holy person. Three, four air hostesses are friends of such and such person, and he is giving Kuṇḍalinī awakening. He’s eloped with his wife, he is smuggling that side, he is smuggling gold from London, he’s bringing down by air, and he is giving Kuṇḍalinī rising. There should be some sense in what people talk. This is a very holy happening, has to happen in the holiest way. [1977-0222]

You can see the form of love in all the religions, which we know as Ten Dharmas. And if we behave with love in all religions, you will understand that love is such a thing as you have to test gold, you have to test all your dharmas. [1977-0323]

Let us see what are the things which we think create impurities in us. They say it in two words, you see: lust and greed. In Sanskrit they will say, kanā and kala: woman and gold. But ‘gold’ doesn’t mean [gold]. ‘Woman’ means ‘lust’ and ‘greed’ means ‘gold’. Now let us see if really these are impurities or they create impurity in us, or why these things have become source of impurity to us. Because we do not understand the right perspective of matter and of sex. If we can understand them in the right perspective, then these two become source of happiness and joy to us. [1977-07-06]

When all these sounds are sounded together and pass through the spiral of the body, if the body is like a conch, the sound that comes out of the synthesis is Auṃ. Like the seven colors of the sun ultimately become white rays, or you can say the golden colored rays. [1978-10-14]

If you put the light, enlightened light — say, yesterday, the … other day we had that Havana, is the enlightened light. Havana we had made it enlightened, jāgṛut. Then whatever we put into it, you see, our baddhas and everything, it burned whatever we wanted to burn away. What is the beauty of fire is: that, say, if you have some mixed up gold and you put into fire, you’ll find the gold will be separated and the filth or dirt or whatever is inside, it will be separated. So, this quality, which is the right-hand side quality of the fire is, becomes in the left-hand side is that when you go near such a fire or you use such a fire or a light, then what happens: that whatever is unwanted in you is burned away, and you get the pure thing. So it purifies: fire is a purifier. And it is a melter: it melts your heart. This fire melts your heart and you feel the compassion for it. So, that’s how every element can be enlightened. [1978-1015]

Everything they have said has a scientific reason to it. Now take this gold, it has its dharma too, meaning it will never turn black. If gold decides to leave its dharma then it no longer remains gold. Likewise, if a human gives up his dharma, then he ceases to be a human and turns into an animal. So this dharma needs to be held onto.

The main element of dharma is, that is resides in everyone. It resides in each and everything. Meaning, the inanimate object as well. Take the elements, for example. They are perfectly all right. Carbon will always be carbon. The gold doesn’t turn into silver and vice versa. The river’s dharma will apply to river, and that of the rock will apply to rock. Same for the sun and the moon. Not only that but the scorpion will always stay a scorpion — it won’t turn into a tiger. And no one has seen a tiger turning into a deer. Everyone has their own dharma. So shouldn’t a human have one too? [1979-0122]

Now this energy in the center — it is called as the Suṣhumṇā nāḍī – that energy is flowing through this channel. This energy is responsible for our ascent. It establishes the dharma in us. Now, carbon has four valencies. If we have any chemistry professors amongst us, they know that everything is perfectly fitted in the periodic laws. It seems remarkable, even surprising, as who must have planned all of that, how each and every element has been perfectly placed. So, like carbon has four valencies, or gold — it never gets tarnished, its color never fades away. That is its dharma. Likewise, the dharma of human also gets created by this central channel. First the dharma gets created and then its ascent takes place. The ascent happens as the dharma changes — there is a difference between our dharma and that of gold’s, between ours and that of an animal.

In all seriousness, you need to realize the importance of this precious tradition, this invaluable heritage that we have. Such a huge amount of wealth we have inherited and you are not even aware of it. And despite all this, if you start taking after the West, if you start following their ways, then it is just the same as a fool throwing all his gold away. [1979-0223]

The central system which we call as ‘Śhakti’ of Śhrī Viṣhṇu. By Śhrī Viṣhṇu’s Power firstly dharma gets retained in us. Through retention of dharma only, [our] ascent gets developed. Like, if you see periodic table in chemistry you can understand how properly neatly God Almighty have arranged all elements there in it and how he has given different types of energy or special dharma have been allotted to them. They have 8 valency and this you can ask any specialist of chemistry or medical science and from these 8 valency some of them have either fulfillment with 8 or with 4 valency in case; if they are complete and due to lack or excess of 1 or 2 or 3 [electrons] transactions takes place in between them. This has been created very delicately. This retention also, this retention of dharma also takes place due to ‘Śhrī Viṣhṇu Tattwa’. As gold is having quality that it never gets spoiled, it never becomes black, untarnishable. This retention of dharma is due to Śhrī Viṣhṇu Principle. When this Viṣhṇu Principle is spoiled, then our ascent is stopped. This Viṣhṇu Principle mostly we have to [follow] in Sahaja Yoga and this mostly we have to consider.  [1979-03-11]

Whatever is God’s work, it will be over. Hence, all should be alert and awake and also awaken others. My life is dedicated to you. Every moment it is working. All I want is that pure gold should enlighten human history while getting heated in the hell of Kali Yuga. My blessings are: may this lamp be kindled in every home, may its joy spread in the society, may the cheers of its victory resound all countries and may this Power of Brahman fill in every molecule of universe. [1979-0101]

They also went up to this point that they could … find out the mines under this earth, you see, in those days, imagine. There were no mines! I mean, there were no way of finding out the mines! Also there was, you see — now you have such instruments to find out all these things. But there were no such things to find out. How did they find out the mines? We have so much of gold in our country, from where did they get it? Then how did they have, fish out the pearls? And a, they had much more wealth than we have now in that country, you see. And how did they built these big houses? And they created māyā nagarīs and all kinds of things, you know. You could switch on a pole [unclear] it will come, the whole city will come [up]. If you switch off the whole city will disappear, again it would come [up]. Is like that, they had all these things. [1979-0528] 

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