The women… have another bad habit… is to gossip… about this person… criticise that person… it is a very bad habit of women, to gossip. I never pay heed to anyone who gossips… and I don’t like a person who gossips… cheaply, frivolously talking about others (1986-0504); Talking ill about anyone, complaining about anyone to me… will spoil your Vishuddhi – if there’s some sense… if I ask… then is alright… but all the time talking ill about each other will spoil your Vishuddhi. If possible try to talk good about others, always – by telling good about another person, you will help yourself and another person. When you judge others… you should know that you are judged by God… it is ‘His’ judgement… which is going to decide how far you are (1980-0127.2); A principle of Gandhi was ‘never to listen to nonsensical gossip – never to listen to any criticism’. What is the use… what do you gain by repeating to another… why to see something wrong with others… (1998-0320)

Those who are not innocent, play ‘games’, try tricks, gossip, indulge in filth… Shri Ganesha cuts them out… he sees for a while, and if people remain still half baked, they are thrown out of Sahaja Yoga. Ego is anti-innocence… and that’s why this kind of a nonsensical gossip people do… which I can’t understand… so filthy (1984-0902)

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– end – 11 Sep 2002