The gravity of the Mother Earth, superficially may be seen as a thing that acts on our body to keep it on the ground. Also there is a load of a big atmosphere on our heads, plus the Mother Earth has the gravity to pull us towards herself (1986-0706); The gravity that Mother Earth has, also is the manifestation of the Kundalini of the Mother Earth (1997-0525)

The ‘Guru’ means the thing which is higher or stronger than the gravity of the Mother Earth. We have to rise above the gravitational force of materialism, which is today’s religion everywhere, whatever they may call it (1986-0706); You have to have a gravity of your own, which is not bound by the gravity of the Mother Earth (1986-0706)

This gravity point within us comes very natural to human beings, and is to be maintained. If children are told about their gravity, about their dignity, about their greatness, they will immediately develop it with great pride (1992-0209); This gravity gives you a kind of an attraction, and gravity means that you are not disturbed easily by any turmoil or anything. It means that you are standing on the centre… you see everything, don’t get disturbed, don’t get tempted, are self contented, don’t ask for anything, don’t need anything, don’t take revenge… but forgive (1992-0209); You don’t run after someone who has done wrong… you just stand there, and your standing there itself is sufficient to frighten others, and to destroy others, because you are standing at a point where you cannot be destroyed (1992-0209)

Anything that has weight, gravitates automatically; It is impossible to fight gravity; That gravity is the integration of your shraddha, your dedication and your surrender… without that gravity you cannot nourish yourself… you cannot grow. Just imagine, the roots go towards the gravity, and when they are nourished.… then only, the tree rises above (1985-0629)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003