An inner defect in a human being… he becomes greedy because he has deviated from dharma… he thinks he can get pleasure out of things – he cannot… and he goes on accumulating and buying this and that – joy is much more in… giving to others (1997-1004); Greed has no Mariadas (1997-1004); To get rid of this greed… try to give to others, and see the joy (1997-1004)… for whom should I buy… if you train your mind along these lines, not for yourself, but for others, then you’ll be amazed… this greed will run away, and you’ll have joy. If giving is there, then this greed goes away, and you get what you want. It’s surprising… so far… with all these miracles that you don’t understand… that whatever we need will be provided for… but you must ‘need’ it (1997-1004)

If you don’t have greed, you get what you want… but if you have greed, God makes you dance; If you don’t ask for anything, if you don’t desire for anything… you get what you need… whatever ‘you need’, you get. Better try to develop a detachment… if it’s there, well and good… if it’s not there, doesn’t matter (1997-1004)

It is the greed, the terrible greed in man, that creates the problems (1998-0320)… is one of the biggest enemies or problems of today (1997-0600)… but if he learns to be satisfied, automatically the greed drops out (1998-0320); If you don’t have satisfaction, then any amount of Lakshmi cannot help you… then one becomes greedy – you have something, but you want to have more and more and more. For that one develops all kinds of methods, and measures… and then… you can have a very bad Mafia (1996-0716); For greed you have to work on the Nabhi chakra… and for which we will work it out on Diwali day (1986-0818)

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– end – 27 Apr 2003