We should not form into groups… groupism is a very bad characteristic… especially of the English… it’s so troublesome sometimes. We should never form a group… just mix up with other people… talk to everyone (1989-1203); Is a problem which crops up… sometimes… which is very dangerous… like somebody has a habit of forming a group against the leader (1995-0625)

In fanaticism, you ‘finite’ yourselves… I am this… I am this – that is ‘clubbing’… actually it is nothing but ordinary clubbing… like we have clubs like… somebody puts the tableware on the left side… is one of the clubs… another puts on the right side… is another club… it’s just like stupid clubbing, that’s all. Fanaticism comes from the word ‘finite’, we should say – when you go into infinity, how can you have fanaticism (1986-0707.1)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1989-1203 Farewell talk – Shudy camps – see 1989-1008 good 35

1986-0707.1 Press conference, Vienna – see 1986-0707 good 1995-0625 Richmond Park talk – Richmond Not good 45

– end – 11 Sep 2002