Those who want to grow should meditate every day, whatever time you may come home… maybe in the morning… maybe in the evening… any time… but you will know that you are meditating, when you can get into thoughtless awareness… your reaction will be zero… you look at something… you’ll just look at it, you won’t react because you are thoughtless… you won’t react. When that reaction is not there, then everything… you’ll be surprised… is Divine (1998-0510)

Some people achieve maturity much faster than others… despite the fact that they may have been ruined by many… but still they do it. What makes it very quick is the left side, what we call Mahakali’s power… or we can call it as Iccha Shakti… the power of Desiring. If the power of Desiring is very strong, and comes from your heart… absolutely from your heart… then it works much faster. Once you put your heart to it, everything will work out well… because the whole force is coming from your heart… because in the heart resides the Spirit. So the only judging point is… ‘am I doing it from my heart… or… am I doing it superficially’ (1979-1009.1)

It is because our attention is ‘outside’ that our growth is slow (1979-1015); People who are mediocre think that gradually they will be alright, and that they’ll come up… but I would suggest that you should make all out effort… to become strong Sahaja Yogis (1987-1219); Achieving Self Realisation is not the end of it, it’s just the sprouting, the beginning – you have to let it grow (1979-1015)

I think all of you should buy one tape-recorder each, because you see… that is one way of growing… because a Sahaja Yogi told me that when he started listening to them his English improved tremendously… and he said… ‘the vibrations are coming from them… and I started growing’… so it’s a very good idea to have tapes… and in your spare time put them on and listen to them. It’s a very good thing and helps a lot – that will really mature you very much I think… a very good idea (1980-1019)

You have to show that you have grown up in Sahaja Yoga… that you are very deep… and you are a very senior person. I have seen some little children also… they are so grown up, and so sensible. But if you are still running after nonsensical things… if you are still full of lust and greed, then better you leave Sahaja Yoga… and find some other area where you can do that. It is something surprising how people do not understand their position in Sahaja Yoga; Your growth has been on the whole very good… I know there are many people who are wonderful Sahaja Yogis… who are really great Sahaja Yogis… and they have every right to call themselves Sahaja Yogis… or Maha Yogis… but that is only possible, and perceptible if you really grow up inside… and your Spirit shines like crystal clear ocean of love (2001-0321)

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– end – 30 Apr 2003