Feelings of guilt are an escape, which can be corrected by facing up to and dealing with the situation (1983-0121); People in the West all the time are feeling guilty, for no reason at all, and not knowing why – is a horrible thing, and is caused by the Bible teaching that we are born sinners, which is nonsense (1982-0711), feeling guilty for something which is just an illusion (1986-1221)… and may also be caused by psychologists (1982-0711)… and is one of the main reasons for the left Vishuddhi catching… for the left Vishuddhi getting into problems (1981-0330), and may lead to spondylitis… to thyroid… to pain in the heart… all kinds of troubles… is the worst disease of the West (1982-1008; 1982-0711)

Psychologists have the worst Agnyas (1978-1218), and catch on left Swadisthan (1979-0507), and they may be one of the causes of people generally feeling guilty all the time for no reason at all. Freud was a perverted man who misled people into becoming ‘sex-points’. On the contrary, Jung, after Realisation, was a good psychologist (1982-0711); This false guru… Narakasura… he makes it even more substantial, by putting guilt into your mind… that ‘if you don’t do ‘this’, then ‘that’ will happen’… the fear side of it (1979-0608.2; 1979-0609.3)

If you have been immoral, you get left Vishuddhi… is the basics… then there is the sister relationship… then the guilt that is built in the Subconscious – if you become immoral… in the Subconscious the guilt is built in. The guilt is a subconscious action… is what you call the conditioning in the left. It could be from your previous lives also… it could be that you have said something very filthy which you do not remember; Do not worry what guilt you have… now forget it… detach yourself… the one that has committed a mistake is your ego, not you… you are pure… you are the Spirit. So don’t condemn yourself for that… and do not tax your minds… we are not psychoanalysts at all (1980-0907)

The hidden power of Shri Ganesha is the left Vishuddhi… is acting like chastity, through the left Vishuddhi; Is to be established not by giving bandhans, or taking vibrations from the Mother and then getting lost, but by correcting yourself morning til evening, and facing yourself, and not feeling guilty; Interest in another sex all the time is not a sign of chastity (1985-0901); To correct the left Vishuddhi, put left hand towards the Mother, (or the photo), and right hand on Mother Earth, give a bandhan to the left Vishuddhi, and say in your heart: “Mother I am not guilty”. But these become rituals if you do not say it from your heart (1986-0305; 1985-0901). Only those who correct their left Vishuddhi, by being in the centre and not feeling guilty, and by watching themselves, facing themselves, giving themselves shocks and correcting themselves, only those will ascend (1985-0901); On left Vishuddhi point Mother says She fails… it is for us to do it. Forget the past – now you belong to a new family, a Holy family – people who are saints are sitting here, and amongst them you are (1985-0901)

Left Vishuddhi gives all kinds of social problems (1980-1116); Problems start when we get confused about ‘sisters’ relationships, or the pure relationships like those of our mother. Confusion with relationships with other men, other women, or no understanding of men and women relationships, lead to guilt, because we know it is wrong (1981-0330); Then we get problems from feeling guilty, like ‘I should not have said that…’ or ‘I should not have gone there…’ for this we should say ‘Mother I am not guilty’ (1981-0330); Vishuddhi… may catch when we feel guilty, and prevent the Kundalini from rising above it, and which may result in spondylitis or angina (1990-0811.2)

A person who escapes into left Vishuddhi because he feels guilty, becomes very sensitive… it is a very difficult situation. You say anything to that person, and he feels more guilty – it is a very bad situation with left Vishuddhi people (1985-0901); You have to be angry with yourself when you do wrong things… and not to feel guilty… angry with yourself when you feel guilty… anger against yourself, and not against others (1983-0321)

Sorry… is a very difficult word for western Sahaja Yogis, and also for some Indians; That Indians never feel guilty, is a good idea… but they never say sorry – if God says it is wrong, then it is wrong – to err is human… to forgive is Divine – but you have to know that you have erred (1985-0901)

Here, where we feel guilty… works our self confidence… our faith in God that he forgives us (1979-0722); You say it is a fashion to be guilty… what are you guilty about, I don’t understand… what sin can you commit that God’s Love cannot cure… he’s an ocean of love (1979-0722); What’s the use to feel guilty – if you feel guilty, this left side Vishuddhi gets caught up. One must know that God is the ocean of compassion… he is the ocean of love… and he is the ocean of forgiveness (1982-1008)

Only a person who is not guilty will be really humble… because guilty people are aggressive, are sarcastic etc; A humble person is a free person, free to be humble, to be kindly, to be gentle, to be compassionate – that sort of Sahaja Yogis you have to be. When people meet you, they will be impressed (1985-0901); We should not use all such words that show our guilt, but rather words that show our humility… and emotions that you have should have no guilt in it (1985-0901)

I have put so many guilty people in my left Vishuddhi, that my ears are getting blocked, trying to clear them out. If you can clear out our guilt, my ears will be opened out, my trouble will go away. So please I request you, to keep our left Vishuddhis alright… don’t feel guilty (1985-0901); The mantra for left Vishuddhi, is “Mother, I am not guilty”, said 16 times (1982-0711)

There is a war going on between the Divine, and the Satanic Forces (known as Devils, Rakshasas, Asuras) who have come in the garb of religion, as the false gurus, the so called God-men and God-women, to demolish the Kingdom of God in the hearts of human beings. And this at the time when we are about to achieve our ultimate goal – to enter the Kingdom of God. These Satanic forces have gone into the minds of the seekers. We cannot see them, or understand just how dangerous they are. But we have to fight them, and for this we must be courageous and cheerful, wise and centred, without feelings of guilt – full of enthusiasm and valour (1980-0630)

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