Guru Pada

Guru Pada

For Guru Pada… you have to have, in Sahaja Yoga, complete humility… natural humility… natural balance… this is what Christ has taught us (1997-1225); Is a state, not a status, because a status is external… and can be bestowed upon anybody… by anyone… but a ‘state’ means the innate being… has evolved to that level… that you become a master… is a state that is achieved (1992-0719)

Now how do we achieve that. Firstly… in meditation you can become thoughtless… for a short time. Gradually this increases, that we are without thought… for that we have the Nirvichara mantra. Then you start seeing that… witnessing… without thinking. This first state is very important… the witness state, the Sakshi. As you become the witness, your gravity starts expressing itself… the whole thing will become extremely dignified and majestic… it will just manifest by itself… and you get a magnetic personality. With our gravity, what we do is touch that depth within us… which can carry the Divine Power… the most substantial thing in your lives is this Divine Power; You never feel the weight of this Divine Power… but if your channel is not clean, then this Divine Power cannot flow properly… it cannot manifest (1992-0719)

So what is needed for a guru is self esteem… and to achieve this we have to introspect… and know that… I am a Realised Soul… I have powers. Nobody has these powers. But somehow… in Sahaja Yoga, you are not self conscious of it… that I am a guru… I am something special… I am on the shores of truth. So at that time, a kind of silence will come within you… and this silence will make you really powerful. When you are in that silence… you are in the silence of the Cosmos… and this silence of the Cosmos works for you… so if you become silent within yourself, then know that you are sitting in the Kingdom of God. This silence is the sign that you are definitely… definitely you are in contact with the… Divine… the complete totality of Reality… this All Pervading Power. It is at your disposal – wherever you go, the connection is maintained. It is at your disposal. And a guru… is… so detached. And he’s in complete balance – nothing can disturb him… nothing can dominate him… no more he is afraid… a fearlessness comes into him… and nothing can tempt him (1992-0719)

Don’t try to judge yourself… but gradually rise, and appreciate yourself… and settle down on the position you have achieved. So then, assume your powers… when you start assuming, all baddhas will run away… and you will be surprised. The knowledge is so subtle, and so great… but with all this knowledge you bend down, like the tree, which is laden with fruit, bends down. This simplicity and humility gives you that special edge which can pierce into any heart… but believe that you are one with that great power, which is God Almighty (1992-0719)

Then praise the Lord… because God is fond of praise… if you praise the Lord, then he gives you everything… it’s true. You cannot get to Mother, unless and until you are really bhakti from your heart… but if you have bhakti, then you can get to Mother… it is written… Bhakti Gamya. So your faith has to be absolutely untarnishable. So when this faith in God is absolutely established within you, that there is God Almighty… that he’s Almighty… and that ‘I am the messenger of that God’… just this understanding, when it becomes absolutely formed in you, then you are in Guru Pada. But we have to remember one thing… that we must have complete faith in the Kingdom of God… and in the powers of God Almighty… complete faith (1992-0719)

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