Guru Puja


Guru Puja

In the Puranas, it is stated that Adi Guru Dattatreya worshipped the Mother along the banks of the River Thamasa, or Thamsa, which is the same as the River Thames. So he came and worshipped here; The Druids at Stonehenge, also had their origins at that time, in this great country of Shiva, or the Spirit; So the Guru Pujas here give a great background of awakening of the Guru Principle – and that is why so many Guru Pujas were held in England, in London, where also the Thamsa is the place of Tamoguna, where the ‘left sided’ presided since long, and the people were emotional and worshipful (1983-0725)

You have to come to Guru Puja… no question… Guru Puja is the one Puja you cannot miss… even if you miss Sahastrara Puja… it’s alright… but Guru Puja is very important… at any cost you have to come for Guru Puja. Guru Puja is extremely effective (1988-0710)

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