The Paramchaitanya itself is your Guru. You are facing someone who has all the Powers… you know that. The word ‘Guru’ comes from the word ‘Gravity’… unless you become good disciples, how are you going to become Gurus? (1985-0629); The guru is a very hard taskmaster… he doesn’t allow any liberties to be taken, but a Mother… is very kindly (1985-0629); Our Guru is our Mother, the Supreme Guru (1980-0727); You have to respect your Guru… surrender to your Guru. It is said that the guru is Paramchaitanya, but it is the Paramchaitanya itself who is your guru (1985-0629); The Adi Shakti is the Source of all the Gurus (1980-0727); You are living in the Kingdom of God… and when the Goddess of that Kingdom arrives, you have to be there (1985-0629)

Shiva is the Guru… Parvati is the Shakti. Shiva is to be taken as Guru… Shiva is the one who is our Guru… he is our Spirit (1981-0904); Guru means a person who is full of Guru Twakashun… is weight… is the gravity (1981-0904); The conveyance of the Guru is the dog. The quality of a dog is that he loves his master… he’ll give his life for his master… he’ll not sleep til he sees his master return back… any time (1985-0629)

The Guru has gravity, weight of character, dignity, is caring of others, and avoids anger, temper, cheap behaviour (1980-0727); The job of a guru is to give balance to others… if you have the Guru Principle within you, you get into balance automatically (1992-0719); You have to be your own Guru… means that you have to be strict with ‘yourself’ (1991-0728); A Guru has to be creative, creating new Sahaja Yogis out of ordinary people (1989-0723); A guru has to be higher than others, humbler, kinder, sweeter, loving, compassionate, joyous, cheerful – it should be evident on your face (1980-0613); The guru has himself to accept all the challenges, everything… to go through it, to work it out, to cleanse himself, to see for himself how far he has reached. When you come to Reality, you have to be satisfied with yourself… then comes the confidence… that’s how the authority comes in (1986-0706); The Guru within will be awakened if we are very strict with ourselves (1983-0725)

Anything that has weight, gravitates automatically; It is impossible to fight gravity; That gravity is the integration of your shraddha, your dedication and your surrender… without that gravity you cannot nourish yourself… you cannot grow. Just imagine, the roots go towards the gravity, and when they are nourished… then only, the tree rises above (1985-0629)

All the Gurus, all the Prophets are in the Void, are in the stomach (1979-0720); The 10 Incarnations of the Adi Guru are Moses, Mohammed, Abraham, Guru Nanak, Raja Janaka, Socrates, Confucius, Shirdi Sai Nath (1980-0727; 1985-1128), Lao-Tzu (1984-0906; 1986-0706) and Zoroaster (MME); Nath means the Guru… Guru is the Lord of the Vidya (1979-1202.4); Green is the colour of the Guru (1984-0317); Most Gurus were born at midnight (1982-1101), and all the Gurus had control over the elements (1982-1101); Dattatreya is the Primordial Master or Guru, and is the innocence of the three powers, of Shiva (existence power), Brahma (creative power) and Vishnu (evolutionary power) (1979-0530)

The Guru is the best, the highest that God has created – he just imparts the power by which you become one with God, and is not interested in having planes and cars etc. (1979-0530); Any Guru who is interested in women or sex, is not a real Guru, but is an anti-Guru (1979-0530), and causes a catch in the void area (1980-0727); The Guru Principle does all the miracles, and leads the seekers to the Incarnations (1984-0906)

A good Guru is that person who attracts you towards himself, but who is also above the gravity of the Mother Earth, beyond these bodily attractions or other attractions of a gross nature, which enslave you and cannot give you freedom. Once you rise above the gravitational force of materialism, then you could be called as the Guru. A Guru ‘shines’ before the disciples. When you have something dirty, it doesn’t shine… you have to wash it, clean it and rub it nicely so that it shines; The Guru has to suffer the most – that’s how he can command. He has to be the example of austerity, of detachment… that’s how he is going to get respect (1986-0706)

The word ‘guru’ comes from ‘the one which is magnetic’, ‘the person who is magnetic’… the one which attracts the attention of the seekers, is the guru. Also it means ‘heaviness’, or you can say a person who is very steady, or who is very deep, who has the knowledge, and can act like a Mother Earth. This power of magnetism of Mother Earth is the power that makes us stand properly on our legs, when it is rotating at such a tremendous speed

– that we are still attached… is only because she has gravity. This gravity has to be in a guru… it means a kind of serious understanding of oneself and one’s own responsibilities… so a guru has to be very steady. In these modern times, people are very mobile, all the time agitated… with small things happening here and there they get disturbed… they meet people who are not of any quality, and they get disturbed… because of deficiencies in their gravity. A person who has gravity doesn’t get depressed, neither excited, nor overly enthusiastic… nor is he sad or unhappy… so he is in the centre… of his being. First and foremost thing for a Sahaja Yogi is he must have introspection… he must watch himself… if he changes because some fashion has come… or because some people have suppressed him… or just asked him to… or just to please people of cheap values, then he cannot be a guru. He has to station himself properly on the values of Sahaja Yoga (1998-0712)

If you bow before any wrong guru… you catch your Ekadesha Rudra… Ekadesha Rudra is on your forehead (1981-0904); To neutralise… a guru who has been a bad guru… you have to surrender to the Real Guru… if your guru is a real guru… then you surrender to the Mother of your real guru… because your real guru is also surrendered to this – so all the gurus are to be surrendered at the Lotus Feet of your Mother. Christ is a real guru… he is. The Christ you know of… is to be also surrendered at the Lotus Feet of your Mother… because he is also my son… Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha… all of them are my sons… Adi Shakti created all of them… She is the Mother of all the Gurus… of all the Prophets… of all the Incarnations. She exists… and after her… only Parabrahma is (1981-0904); Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Sakshat Parabrahma, Tasmaye Shri Guruve Namah (1981-0904)

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