Haaji… what Muslims become… when they go to Mecca, and come back from there… finished. Why did Mohammed Saab who was so much against stone worshipping… why did he ask people to go round that black square stone… what was the purpose… that’s also just a stone… so why. This stone was a Swayambhu… and it’s mentioned in the Indian Scriptures that there is Macceshwarshiva. We have Shivas everywhere in India… there are 12 Jyoti Lingas… you can verify on your vibrations… same with this black stone… and so the people have to go round to achieve Shiva’s Blessings… but it became a ritual… and nobody could go further than that ritual (2000-0423)

For Haaj, so many people went, and so many were killed… some went to Ambarnath… and they were killed… because they were not saints… just ritualistic people, going for a ritual, which in the discretion of the Mother Earth was of no avail, of no advantage to them. These people had been going to Haaj all the time, and there was a stampede with 32000 people being injured, and troubled and killed… now what is Mother Earth suggesting… that going to these places, Holy places… they are really Holy places no doubt… that you are not doing any spiritual ascent… you are not achieving anything, by going to these places – which are really Holy… that cannot be challenged… they are Holy places (1997-0525)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1997-0525 Respect the Mother Earth, Cabella good 2000-0423 Easter Puja, Istanbul, Turkey good 60

– end – 1 Jun 2003