Habits are created by the left side channel… and to make these habits… alright… the one who is suffering from these habits has to be empowered… and that power is only possible when we become the Spirit (1989-0617.2); You develop habits on the left side… all your habits should be under your control. The habits we have formed through drugs, from drinking are very dangerous habits. Also people have their attention here and there, attracting people… is one of the ways we allow our attention to fritter away… this attention has to be brought under control. When it happens, just point your eyes down, keep your eyes down (1987-1219)

Many habits come from the Nabhi, and after Self Realisation, many of these habits start to drop out automatically (1980-1027); Certain habits that we acquire… are mostly because of fashion… and one bad habit we have got is not to say ‘no’ to anyone… how to say ‘no’ you see… like somebody is smoking… or drinking… and he forces us… so we say… oh alright (1977-0126.2); But another bad habit some people have… is to say… ‘Mother said so, so this is so’… use your discretion, how can Mother say; If she has said something there must be something in it… we must understand (1985-0310)

Habits come to us… like, we cannot sit on the ground… these habits should be got rid of… but for that you shouldn’t waste your energy getting rid of these habits… on the contrary, if you put your attention to your Spirit… to what you have achieved… to where you are… gradually you will find your habits will drop out. Like… we have had terrible alcoholics, who could not give up… and they have given up… we had people who have taken drugs… they have given up without difficulty. There are higher vices, and bigger vices which people have given up… and some vices which one cannot mention, that people have given up… and this happens when your attention goes to your Spirit… automatically your detachment works out… means your attention has felt definitely that ‘oneness’ with Reality… otherwise why are you getting detached… but for that it is essential that your attention should be on your Spirit (1978-1002)

The expression of love is very spontaneous… but for that spontaneity to come, you must get rid of your habits… otherwise you can never become spontaneous (1985-0310)

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