We lose our hair very fast, because we don’t use oil as we should… starting with the hair at the Sahastrara (1991-0728); Hair is to be oiled properly… lot of oil should be used, before say Saturday or something, so that when you have your bath, you clear out your oil completely. You get ‘conditioners’ here… is a good idea… but in India we use oil. You can use conditioners if you want, but make the hair smooth with it… and then you must do… with your own hands a nice massage… or one Sahaja Yogi can do for another… a nice massage for the head. You will be surprised that your head will be very clear. You can give a massage on the head… and also on the backbone, and the Vishuddhi chakra… it will give a better feeling (1985-0502)

It would be a good idea… to start using a little oil for the head… in the night… as Sahaja Yogis, you should… better use some nice coconut oil, and rub on your head nicely, in the night… and in the morning… after all it doesn’t show much… and comb your hair in a proper way. If your dresses… and your hair are… like bhoots… then the bhoots will take over, thinking… ‘oh, this is a bhoot sitting down here… better take hold of that bhoot’… so dress up in a way… that you shouldn’t have hair on your forehead at all… keep it straight… make it nice… and have absolutely clean foreheads (1986-0504)

So before you start getting bald, better try putting some oil on your head… that’s one very important thing, Sahaja Yogis have to do… you can take vibrated oil if you like… and… I think olive oil is good… but better than olive oil, I find, is coconut oil… it is better for the growth of the hair (1986-0504)

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