Hamsa 1 Chakra



Hamsa Chakra

The Hamsa chakra, which is part of the Vishuddhi, is represented by Canada, and is situated between the eyebrows, and has qualities of discretion and discrimination; Also called the Lambica chakra; The Hamsa is made of two types of discretion… where to see ‘I am’ and where to see ‘you are’… and for every human being, the ‘you’ is the Divine; In everything you will find there are two sides… which way you move is your discretion; Hamsa means Pranava… or discrimination you can say.

At Hamsa, both the Ida and Pingala nadis, the Tha and Ha of Hatha Yoga, come together and cross over, below the Agnya. It is the wedding place between your left and your right, the left being the woman, the right being the man – they must be in balance, being equal, though not similar.

Discretion of the Ida Nadi is Intuition… if you develop that discretion within you, through your meditative powers, you develop Intuition… and Intuition is nothing but is the help of the Ganas which are surrounding you… if you learn to take help from the Ganas, you can become very intuitive. Of the whole of Sahaja Yoga, I would say 50% of that is based on intuition… and for that you have to develop a proper sense of Shri Ganesha. Ganesha is Ganapati… the master… the chief of all the Ganas – so the Ganas give you intuition.

Acceptance… will give you a wonderful discretion over your ego. Whatever goes wrong… it’s alright… accept it. Supposing you are lost on the way… you should not think like all other people… but think… ‘why? Hanumana must have brought me here for some purpose’… accept it… accept the situation. When you accept the situation, you are playing into the hands of the Deities… who are guiding you. If somebody has complained that you are hot tempered… accept it… just accept it… is a great thing that there is somebody who tells you that. If somebody says you are miserly… accept it… so we must change. If you don’t want to change… you’d better leave… that’s the main point.

‘Extremes’ are against the Divine – for example, saying the mantra, or taking the name of Shri Rama once only, with feeling, is sufficient; One should never go to extremes in anything – only in the middle or centre can Sahaja Yoga be worked out; Going to extremes is not Sahaja Yoga style… ascent is; Too much of anything is not good.

The whole Cosmos is trying to help you… you see you don’t have to do much effort, to think about it… what should I choose… whether I should take this… or whether I should take that… the only thing you have to do is… just to see for yourself, that you are watching… and you are seeing… an opportunity coming to you… and allow the opportunity to appear before you… it does. You don’t have to deliberately bother your head, what to take, what to do… it will just be there… you will be amazed, how it works; It’s a question of how far you are surrendered… how far you have gone with the Divine.