Hamsa 5 Summary



Hamsa Chakra – Summary

Chakra: Hamsa or Lambica

Deity: Hamsa Chakra Swamini

Physical: Nose, Sinuses

Qualities: Discretion, Discrimination, Pranava,

L. Intuition

R. Acceptance

Catch: Extreme Behaviour, Dry Conditions,

Too Hot or Cold, Sharp or Sour foods

Diseases: Headaches, Sinus, Coughs, Colds

Treatments: Ghee, Oil or Butter in the nose, Breathing Exercise, Inhalers, Neti, Reduce Kissing, Use humidifiers, Avoid Extremes, Avoid Sharp or Sour Foods, Avoid Hot & Cold extremes, Look at ground

Mantras: Hamsa Chakra Swamini, Pranava, and Omkara

L. Ida Nadi Swamini, or Mahakali mantras, or the Surya mantra

R. Chandra

Position: Between the eyebrows

Country: Canada