Hands Left and Right


Hands – Left or Right

In Sahaja Yoga, we regard the left hand as the minus hand, and the right hand as the plus hand. Whatever you may do with the left hand, you are sucking in, whilst with the right hand you are giving out (1980-0517.2)

The left hand is the hand of desire, and is extended towards the source of vibrations, to receive (1984-0622); Right hand is the hand of action, and is placed on the various chakras, on the left side of the body, during the process of Kundalini Awakening (1984-0622); To get vibrations in the left hand, ask the question: “Is Shri Mataji the Holy Ghost?” (1987-0516)

Some of you might start feeling hot in the hands… maybe some of you… if so, you can just throw it away… or… those who are feeling the left hand hot, please put your right hand on the heart… those who are feeling hot in the right hand, then you put your left hand on the liver… just below the ribs… and right hand towards me (1979-0524)

In the Devi, the Left Hand is the Hand by which She gives… the Hand of Generosity (1980-1027)… while the Right Hand is the Hand with which She gives Protection (1980-1027)

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