In Sahaja Yoga, we must work with the hands – we cannot work it out by thinking; Raise the Kundalini more and more with the hands, and you will feel more. Only the hands can do it; We must feel vibrations in the hands, or if there is a problem, feel in the places of the chakras, and later feel in the brain (1983-0202); All these seven centres are reflected in our fingers and in our hands (1979-0720); From the hands the energy flows. With these hands we can feel the All Pervading Power, we can manoeuvre it, manage it, organise it. We feel that we become Part and Parcel of the Whole (1987-1023); In your hand it is flowing… whether you are catching or not catching, it is flowing from your hand… it is there… the flow from your hand is there… little bit is always there (1980-0907)

In Sahaja Yoga, we regard the left hand as the minus hand, and the right hand as the plus hand. Whatever you may do with the left hand, you are sucking in, whilst with the right hand you are giving out. So as an example, if you want to correct a liver which is overheated, you put the left hand on the liver, and the right hand outside, and then you are taking the heat from the liver, and giving it out with the right hand (1980-0517.2)

Some of you might start feeling hot in the hands… maybe some of you… if so, you can just throw it away… or… those who are feeling the left hand hot, please put your right hand on the heart… those who are feeling hot in the right hand, then you put your left hand on the liver… just below the ribs… and right hand towards me (1979-0524)

In the hands is he feeling… just rub your hands a little bit… give a little water in the hands like this… [Shri Mataji gives her glass of vibrated water to hand around – Ed]… pour it… because what is happening is there is too much heat… on the right hand… just put it in the hand and let them rub a little bit… everyone… you can give a little bit… just rub it… rub it hard… on the finger tips especially… see now… you may blow it also… on the hands… very hot… alright… see now… is it cool… alright… good (1984-0622)

The left hand is the hand of desire, and is extended towards the source of vibrations, to receive (1984-0622); To get vibrations in the left hand, ask the question: “Is Shri Mataji the Holy Ghost?” (1987-0516); The right hand is the hand of action, and is placed on the various chakras, on the left side of the body, during the process of Kundalini Awakening (1984-0622); If you are catching on a chakra or centre, just put your hand there – don’t feel condemned about it. All is made easy and simple – but it is difficult for a sophisticated man to become that simple… children are very simple (1981-1103)

Watch your hands, to see if they are shaking, or if there is heat on one of the hands. If the left hand is shaking, put the right hand on your heart. If the right hand is shaking, put the left hand on your stomach – with the right hand towards Mother (1983-0302); Now if we have ego, what we should do is raise the left side, and put it to the right side… there’s no other way out… you have to use your hands (1983-0121)

A Photo of the Hands, with a candle in front, is very good for the eyes, and for the blindness caused by bhoots (1980-0517.2); Now in Sahaja Yoga it is proved now… when you rub my feet, ‘you’ feel better, not me… you rub my hands, ‘you’ feel better… when you fall at my feet, ‘you’ feel better (1980-0927)

Mohammed said that ‘your hands will speak’, meaning that on your hands, on your finger tips you will feel your own defects… when the Judgement Time comes (1987-1023); To get your vibrations alright you must wash your hands… use water as much as you can… wash your hands 10 times… is very essential (1980-0927); Ghee and butter… can be rubbed onto the fingers and hands, to soothe them down, because the heat from the other people can make them dried up (1983-0209)

Now how do you raise the Kundalini… we can raise it with the attention… but it should not be done, because others should ‘know’ that something has been done… because people, unless and until they see something being done to them they are not going to believe… so you have to raise the Kundalini with your hands… and you can see… that as far as the hand moves, the Kundalini moves… and you can feel it within your spine (1981-0511); Move on his head 3½ times… [indicating with hand above the head, fingers down, rotating clockwise, and rising upwards]… bring it up… no no… other way round… clockwise (1984-0622)

Yesterday we had somebody who had very bad eczema… all his hands were absolutely charred and horrible… both the hands… and I asked him to put his hands towards me… maybe he might have been cured only by putting his hands… but I had to make the mark of cross and swastika on his hands… and it cleared out. So he saw me doing something… otherwise… ‘oh it might have been a coincidence’ (1981-0511)

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– end – 7 May 2003