Hanumana is a great character in our being and he runs all the way from Swadisthan to your brain… and supplies all necessary guidance in our futuristic planning or in our mental activities… he gives guidance and protection. Hanumana is an eternal child because he was like a monkey… and was used to run the right side of human beings. He has to control the Sun… that the Sun in people, if there is too much… then he must try to control it… and make it cooler or smoother. Hanumana is very anxious to do the work of Shri Rama, who is a character full of balance… the benevolent king which Socrates described… and he needed somebody with him all the time… and Hanumana was created for this purpose. He had 9 siddhis, Navadha siddhis… which are like this… that he could become big… he could become so heavy that nobody could lift him… he could become so Sukshma, so subtle that nobody could see him… there are 9 siddhis that he has got… so a person who has got right side too much in him, he controls him with these 9 siddhis (1990-0831); Hanumana is running on our Pingala Nadi all the time – what he does is to spoil our plans. If we run on the Pingala Nadi, instead of him… then he side-tracks all our plans all the time – and that’s how our planning fails; He who tries to control the ego (1989-0423)

Now how will he control a man who is running very fast in his life… what he does is to control his movement… in such a way that he has to put down his speed… he makes his feet very heavy… or his hands very heavy… so he cannot work very much with his hands… so he can give a tremendous kind of lethargic heaviness to a person who is very right sided. He has got another very interesting siddhi… is that he can extend his tail to any extent, and can handle people with his tail. If he wants he can make a mountain of his tail and sit on that. Then he can fly in the air… he doesn’t have any wings… but he can fly in the air… he can become so big that the amount of air he displaces has much more weight than his own weight… just the same principle as Archimedes… and so his body starts floating in the air. By flying in the air, he can carry messages from one to another through the ether (1990-0831)

The subtle of the ether that we have is under the command of Shri Hanumana… he is the one who is the Lord of this ether… the subtle of the ether… or the causal of the ether. All the communications that you find, like we have within ourselves of the ductless glands… like pituitary is using ductless glands… is through Hanumana’s movement… because he can go into a Nirakar… he can go into a formless state. Also these communications that we have… loudspeakers… TV… radio… all these things where we catch onto the ether… is all the blessings of Hanumana and are available to people who are right sided – only the right sided discover these things of the space… like cordless telephones or telegraphs where we don’t use any wires. So without any connection through the ether he can manage. Wherever you see the electromagnetic forces working it is worked through Hanumana’s blessings – he creates electromagnetic forces. So now we can see that as Ganesha has got the Magnetic force in him… he is the Magnet… then we can say that the Electromagnetic is the one which we call as Hanumana’s force on the material side of it (1990-0831)

So how much he gives us… I mean we can say if Ganesha gives us the wisdom… then he (Hanumana) gives us the power to think… and he protects us also that we should not think of bad things… that is we can say that if Ganesha gives us the wisdom… then Shri Hanumana gives us the conscience. I hope you understand the difference between the two… if wisdom is there you do not need conscience so much… because you are wise, you know what is good what is bad… but conscience is needed in a personality where he is to be controlled… and that control comes from Shri Hanumana… which is the conscience in the human being. Now this conscience which is in Shri Hanumana is the subtle form of him which gives us in Sanskrit is called as Sat(a)Sat Vivekabuddhi… Sat means truth… Asat means untruth… and Viveka means discrimination… and Buddhi means intelligence… so intelligence to discriminate between truth and untruth is given to us by Shri Hanumana (1990-0831)

In the Sahaja Yoga system, if we say that Ganesha is the one who gives us… he’s the Aadyaksha, means he is the… I call him as the Chancellor of the University… he is the one who gives our degree to us… now you have crossed this chakra… that chakra… that chakra…and he helps us to know that what state we are in. So Ganesha give us say Nirvichara Samadhi which we can call it as Thoughtless Awareness… and Nirvikalpa Samadhi… he gives all that… and also he gives us Joy… but the understanding that this is good, that this is for our benevolence, the mental understanding comes to us from Shri Hanumana… and it’s very important for western people… because it has to be mental… otherwise they won’t understand. If it is not mental they cannot come into Abstract… it has to be mental… and so the mental understanding of whether it is good or bad is given to us by Shri Hanumana (1990-0831)

Germany being a country which is very much I should say an essence of right side… it’s important to get the protector of right side here worshipped… but in all that Vivekabuddhi… in that discrimination, he knows one thing… that he’s absolutely subservient to Shri Rama (1989-0423)… is devoted to Shri Rama (1983-0107); Now what is Shri Rama… Shri Rama is the Benevolent King… he works for the benevolence… and Shri Rama himself is a formal king… like Sankocha we call it. Shri Rama is the one who will not push forward himself… he keeps back… he’s very balanced… he’s a very poised person… so the Hanumana , he’s the one who’s always anxious to do the work of Shri Rama… always (1990-0831); Another great quality of Hanumana was that he was very alert, and he was beyond time. Everything he did very fast. When Rama wanted a herb, called Sanjeevani, Hanumana brought the whole mountain, rather than waste time searching for the herb. We should be quick witted… our attention should be on the job… what are we doing about it… not to put attention onto the obstructions, but to just start it. Everything will be synchronised properly… you just start doing it. But if you behave like human beings, first planning it, then cancelling it… it’s not going to work out (1989-0423)

Hanumana tells… you have to be surrendered to God Almighty and not to anybody else… or to your Guru, like Rama… otherwise you are not to be surrendered to anybody else. Hanumana’s whole thing is to antidote your overactivity… to antidote your too much thinking… your ego. He is the one who makes fun of egoistical people… so it is the job of Hanumana to protect you from egoistical people (1990-0831)

I am your Mother… I am your Guru… now as a Guru my main concern is that you should learn all about Sahaja Yoga… you should become experts of Sahaja Yoga… and you should become yourself the gurus… this is the only concern I have… but for that complete surrender is required… then only you can learn what is the way you will handle Sahaja Yoga. Now even this surrendering is done by Shri Hanumana… he is the one who teaches you how to surrender… or makes you surrender… because egoistical people don’t surrender – then he puts some sort of hurdle or some sort of miracles or some tricks by which then a disciple surrenders himself to the Guru. So not that he’s only surrendered, but he makes others also to be surrendered… because… only because of ego you cannot surrender… so he is the one who fights your ego, and he puts it down and makes you surrender. Right side if it is to be perfectly enjoyed, then you should be completely surrendered to your Guru, as if you are the servant of your Guru… whatever you have to do for that Guru… you have to do it (1990-0831)

Now he is the one who protects also… all the Deities… he protects. Now there is a difference between Shri Ganesha and him… Shri Ganesha gives Energy Shakti… but the one who protects is Shri Hanumana (1990-0831)

Hanumana is nobody else but… Gabriel, the Angel (1977-0215); He was born as an angel, and he has great powers and capacities, which he has the right to use, and which he uses amusingly. Hanumana, as Gabriel, had to go and tell Maria… though she was a virgin… that there’s a child who is an Incarnation, the Saviour… who is going to be born to her – he had to do it, so he did it. The ‘carrying out of the order’ is his nature, is built within him (1989-0423); He is an angel as you know… according to the Bible… that he is the Angel called Gabriel… is the one who brought the message… to Maria. My first name is Nirmala, means Immaculata… and surname is Salve. Maria has to do quite a lot with Hanumana all her life… that means Maria is Mahalakshmi… Mahalakshmi being Sita, then Radha… so Hanumana has to be there to serve. Many things which you call miracles are done by Shri Hanumana… he is the one who is the doer of miracles… he does miracles also to show how foolish you are… because he is on the right side… you see he goes to the ego side. There are so many aspects of Hanumana… for example… his body like Siva is covered with Geru… is a kind of a red coloured stone, which is very very hot… and supposing with the cold sometimes you develop those rashes… so if you put Geru those rashes are… or you get bhootabaddha sometimes… some sort of skin diseases… which are cured with Geru… because it is the one which is very hot, and it soothes you down (1990-0831)

On the contrary Shri Ganesha is covered with Lead Oxide… with a red Lead Oxide… which is extremely cold. Lead Oxide is a very cool thing… that Lead Oxide is used to cover all his body… to balance the heat that he has… or the effects of heat he has… so we call it in Sanskrit language is called as Sindhura… and in Marathi as Shindura… so he’s always covered with that colour, Sindhur colour. Lead Oxide though, people say causes cancer… but it is the Lead Oxide which is very cold… it can cool you down so much that you can go to the left side… and cancer is a psychosomatic disease… and that might be the reason it might cause, in a very far fetched way we can say it can cause cancer… because if it is too cold and all that, then you go to the left side… and there you can catch the viruses by which you can get into troubles… so the same Lead Oxide is alright for people who are very right sided… for them if it is put on their Agnya it cools them down… they are cooled down… their anger goes down… their temper goes down… and it’s a very good thing. So he is the one who cures our anger… he is the one who cures our hastiness, our speediness… our aggressiveness… he is the one who does it (1990-0831)

He (Hanumana) played a trick on Hitler… how… he was using Shri Ganesha as a symbol… so a Swastika was made in a clockwise manner… then Hanumana played a trick… what he did… he made the stencil which they were using for making the Swastika, he made it in such a way that they said we should use the other side… as soon as they used the other side, Hanumana’s trick… they started using Ganesha from the other side… then came Ganesha… he is a Deity… Shri Ganesha is the eldest and he is the Deity… but Hanumana is an Angel… so as soon as the trick was played, then both of them put together stopped Hitler from winning… this is how the trick was played (1990-0831)

He is the one who goes like a torrential rain… or can go like a speedy tempest and destroy things… so he works out all these things through his electromagnetic forces… so all the matter… ‘all’ the matter is under his control… and he’s the one who creates rain for you… he creates breeze for you… he’s the one who does all these things, just to have a proper Puja… to have a proper meeting… everything he works out so beautifully … and nobody even knows that it’s Shri Hanumana who has done it – we should thank Shri Hanumana all the time (1990-0831)

He was always a very majestic Angel… and… he is not a Sanyasi type of a person… he’s not ascetic. Normally right sided people are ascetic… will have everything simple… so the other way round… Hanumana is not this. Hanumana likes beauty… he likes decorativeness and makes people non-ascetic… and then… he is a monkey (1990-0831)

Tuesday is the day when Hanumana has to work (1982-1101)

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– end – 30 Sep 2003