Drugs can be right sided or left sided… the left side stuff is like Hashish… which make you miserable afterwards… you laugh and laugh, and then you become emotional… LSD and all these, take you to the right… where you can see the auras and things like that – all these things are imaginary… they are not Reality… Reality is in the centre… is in the present (1982-1007)

One thing you can do is to put a candle near the left Swadisthan, a little far… and put one candle before the photograph… and put left hand towards the photograph, and right hand on Mother Earth… it works… and the candle at the back should be kept little far away because it makes sound, it goes this way, and that way… it burns. Those who have been taking drugs, not LSD, but other drugs, the drowsy people who feel sleepy, whose brains are destroyed by drugs… all those people can benefit a lot by this… do it every day (1986-0504)

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1982-1007 Truth is to be achieved, Bedford – see 1982-1007(Video) Good

Chakras affected: Left Side

– end – 4 Mar 2003