Hatha Yoga


Hatha Yoga

Modern Hatha Yoga is a misnomer (1979-1111); The genuine complete Hatha Yoga has 8 paths, but the modern Hatha Yoga is simply a set of exercises (1981-1005); Was introduced by Patanjali originally, but was brought to the West around the late 50’s, and is effective in losing weight… but you will get problems, because the left side is neglected, leading to dryness, and to left heart catching (1978-0619); The main thing with Hatha Yoga, is… there is no talk of compassion… so only physically you’ll improve (1996-0710)

Hatha Yoga is only a wee part of it – we too, do Hatha Yoga, but only after Realisation, and then only according to the Kundalini movement. Otherwise it is like taking all the medicines without discrimination (1983-0302)

Patanjali… who introduced Hatha Yoga on this Earth, a very difficult Yoga, because only very few people could do it… very few people achieved it. Also it was to be done before the age of 20-25 years, and for years together, under a Realised Soul… when you led a very celibate life, in the jungles (1978-0000; 1979-0720); What Patanjali has written… which is a very ancient book… is that you have to achieve the truth on your central nervous system through your Atma Sakshatkar… meaning the experience of your Spirit (1984-0622)

The few things that we are doing, called Asanas, have a very big significance no doubt, but it is to be used with a proper understanding. For example, they are to keep your particular centres in your being alright… but if you do not know what are the centres, or you do not know what is wrong with you… what exercise are you going to take… you might be harming yourself – we do not take the whole medicinal shop just to cure the one disease… and… if there is ‘no’ disease, what’s the need to take such a strenuous thing as Hatha Yoga (1979-0720)

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