Also ‘Havana’… in which the Vishnu tattwa is evoked (1990-0818); This Havan is a very good thing for reciting the names of the Goddess… her eyes are given by fire… and in that light… in that fire… in the name of the Goddess we awaken our Deities within us… and burn away all that is wrong in these particular chakras which invoke those powers. So with devotion and understanding you have to do it… because you are really privileged people today… be proud of that, and do with that devotion all these things… we should do it in full devotion. I think very few people can put in the fire… but you can all do symbolically… and how many names do you want to say… do 108… it’s better (1980-1019)

When you do the Havan, it is a Yagnya… and it was very much in vogue at the time of Rama… and means ‘by which you know’… Gnya means to know… Yagnya… and this is done where you use Swaha as the word… means you use the principle of fire to burn off all that is wrong in you… Swaha… and you awaken it by taking the different names of God… and they used to do Yagnyas at that time. On the left side of course people started the worshipping of God and the dedication to God, and all those things… that is Bhakta… but mainly what they did before Rama was the Yagnyas… the Vedas with which they prayed to different elements (1982-0402)

So as a child Rama was studying with a very great saint called Vasistha, who had an ashram where Rama and his brothers studied. He had the capacity to kill a demon with only one arrow… it’s called Ekabahn… one arrow was sufficient of Shri Rama… and he was a small child, say 7 or 8 years of age… and people were surprised how he could do it. So these Yagnyas were created to awaken, evoke the Deity inside the spinal cord actually… and they used to sit down and do all these Havanas the way we do it. At that time the Rakshasas would come and try to spoil the Yagnyas… which are to be done with pure heart and with cleanliness and purity… and should not be insulted… there is a protocol about it. Rama as a child would go and protect them from the demons. The demons would take some sort of a funny form and come like invisible creatures and put some bones of animals and things like that in the Yagnya… to spoil it. The early life of Rama, you see how as a child he showed an amount of expertise in bow and arrow… and how to make out a Rama statue, is to see if there is bow and arrow. So his coming on this earth gave us the development of the right side… and so the Yagnya is also on the right side (1982-0402); Is a right sided activity (1985-0528)

The fire ceremony… which is the right hand side religious work… because it is just creativity… by which you create auspiciousness… by your exciting… the Deities on the right hand side (1979-0608.2); Yagnya is this one… in which the fire… everything burns off and gives auspiciousness (1979-1202.4); Ashwamedhi is a kind of Yagnya… a ceremony… performed in Rama’s time (1977-1121)

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