We should cover the head in winter time, so that there is no freezing of the brain… covering is to be occasional, not all the time – if it is too tight, you can get bad circulation; Also to avoid sitting in the Sun, so the brain does not get melted (1983-0204); Some people go on shaking their heads continuously to say ‘yes’, to show that they are understanding, when I am talking to them – it is a very big ego business, and also it is a big right Vishuddhi problem. If you go on like that, your Vishuddhi can never be improved. You have to be very careful with your neck… you should not move your neck too much, or shrug your shoulders or your hands too much (1987-1230.1)

The head is like the coconut in structure, with the outer hair, followed by the hard nut layer, then the black covering, a white layer as in the coconut, and finally the space containing the water or liquid (1983-0204)

It would be a good idea… to start using a little oil for the head… in the night… as Sahaja Yogis, you should… better use some nice coconut oil, and rub on your head nicely, in the night… and in the morning… after all it doesn’t show much… and comb your hair in a proper way. If your dresses… and your hair are… like bhoots… then the bhoots will take over, thinking… ‘oh, this is a bhoot sitting down here… better take hold of that bhoot’… so dress up in a way… that you shouldn’t have hair on your forehead at all… keep it straight… make it nice… and have absolutely clean foreheads (1986-0504)

So before you start getting bald, better try putting some oil on your head… that’s one very important thing, Sahaja Yogis have to do… you can take vibrated oil if you like… and… I think olive oil is good… but better than olive oil, I find, is coconut oil… it is better for the growth of the hair. But sometimes you can also put almond oil… is also good for you… because if you have any problems that you feel exhausted, your nerves need attention, you are a nervous type of person, then almond oil is good for you (1986-0504)

You see, how Kundalini clears your head… you can see the difference now… just now… so later on you will know… you see… how many bumps… here and there… the head is not even… but as you will grow, you will be amazed, how your head will be very even… and you won’t feel any bumps or anything – you all had (1979-1009.2)

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– end – 11 Mar 2003