People who are in the ‘centre’ may develop a headache, with people who are very much caught up on the right Agnya… it’s important at this time to give a bandhan to yourself, and to the other person who is very egoistical… and don’t listen to them… just close your ears, and the other person will stop talking. Also they might develop some pressures on both sides of the head, as the Kundalini sometimes, when it cannot rush upwards, is obstructed at the Agnya… and you can feel the pressure on the brain plate. At that time, try to bring the Grace on top of the sympathetic system… bring it down… and stand on the Mother Earth, and ask her to suck it, so the Kundalini’s pressure is reduced. Problems that may develop include… headaches and pressures on the sides of the head – all these from fighting the negativity in the persons they are with (1983-0209); When the Grace comes, all the chakras open up… if they have a problem with the Agnya, they should use a candle at the back… if their eyesight is getting weak, or is shortsighted (1983-0209)

In Sahaja Yoga, when you get Self Realisation… in the beginning may not be… but little later on… you start yourself feeling the ‘pangs of sin’… and also of the sinful people… so you avoid the company of sinful people – you have to… if you remain in the company of sinful people… then you get headaches… you get Agnya catching… and you get all kinds of complications… and you want to run away from that place… you can’t bear it. Best way to strengthen yourself is… to be together… as Sahaja Yogis… you must attend the programs… or when there is a collective Aarti… or Puja… or Meditation (1977-0126.1)

Problems with Hamsa… can include shooting headaches on one side, or sinus problems, and may result from being overloaded with decision making. Avoid eating anything that is sharp or sour (MME); Also may result from dry conditions in home or workplace, and can be corrected by the use of ghee or oil in the nose

– just one drop in each nostril, morning and evening (1984-1005; 1987-0408)

The Vishuddhi… can catch, if we feel ‘too responsible’, and can result in tensions and headaches – the remedy is to witness, and realise that everything is done by the Divine (1989-0801); We have cured so many people of liver troubles… also migraines… with vibrated sugar… white sugar (1982-1008)

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– end – 4 Mar 2003