There could be two types of curing people. One could be those who get powers of the Collective Subconscious… they can cure a person with left side problems… and those who get from the Collective Supraconscious… they can cure more the physical side – both can cure, partly, depending on where is the problem (1981-0524)

Take the case of the Collective Subconscious people. In India, we have people called Mantrikas… they are the people who go to funeral pyres, and also to the cemeteries… and they try to capture the dead spirits… these are the sly type of dead spirits… and they control them. They are the so-called ‘social workers’, sometimes… or ‘busybodies’, trying to ‘help’ others… in the category of Chaturvarnas, also called Vishudras, who believe in serving others… they don’t want to die… they want to stick on… they are the servant class… they are absolutely servile… they like to be beaten up and ill treated… a horrid type of existence they like to have… they are timid, afraid. Somebody who is suffering from a mental problem… can be cured… if he goes to one of these Mantrikas – they just tell (to the dead spirits – Ed)… that ‘you just get out now’… we’ll put somebody else in your place… and send you to some other place – so, they are the ‘mediators’, or the ‘liaison officers’ (1981-0524)

The second case is the Supraconscious fellow… like this ‘late Doctor’… international bhoots he has. So all the great doctors, all the great lawyers, all the great scientists… the engineers and architects… all these great Supraconscious people, very ambitious… Hitler and all such warriors… all such people gather on the right hand side. So he, being a doctor, met all his friends there… and they said… now, lets start this clinic. Now this Dr, who died… his bhoots attacked a man… an ordinary soldier fighting in Vietnam… and told him to go to this Dr’s son… and to tell him to start this thing. So this man went to the son… and told him that… ‘your father is within me’… and he went into a trance… and told him some ‘secret things’… and so the son had to believe… and he started the clinic for him. And all the bhoot doctors, international, were helping this particular doctor to act anywhere they wanted – so it was established on the Collective Supraconscious (1981-0524)

So you can be cured absolutely… for a year or so… but then… there are these ‘spirits’ within you… maybe ten or eleven of them… and you can’t bear them. So this kind of curing also can take place from the Supraconscious. Supposing there is an architect… if he goes to one of these people… he can get an architect who is dead upon himself. This man who was a ‘Ripper’ and all that… was himself possessed by some ripper who died – you see, you have to have that inclination… no doubt… you have to have that weakness within you… otherwise it won’t work out (1981-0524)

If it has something to do with the physical side, the Supraconscious can help you… if it has to do with something on the mental side, then the Subconscious people can help you… but they help you very temporarily… and then they come back… fourfold (1981-0524)

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Chakras affected: Left Side; Right Side

– end – 26 Dec 2002