Heart 2 Problems

Problems with Heart Chakra

One chakra overwhelmingly not working alright in most western people is the heart… you have to purify your heart by looking at the photograph and putting all loving feelings about your Mother… understanding Her work… and putting Her into your heart… the heart has to be clean… absolutely surrendered… and we must try to put the Mother before everything else. You have to work it through your heart, and not your brain.

That which binds our heart is fear, fear because maybe we have been tortured or troubled by somebody in the past and so our heart is closed, or perhaps we have frightened others and so we are fearful that they may do the same to us. Aggressiveness is malignant and creates a cancer, and then we start reacting. There should be no reaction to anything, and no aggression.

The left heart chakra controls the heart itself, and can get caught up when we exert too much, physically and mentally. Too much hard work may lead to heart catching. Such people can get fatal heart attacks. Also in danger of heart attacks are the vulgar, crooked, cunning and vile of nature. Left Heart catching means going against God, against the Spirit, being materialistic, egoistical and also may mean too much drinking.

Mothers should give children freedom and dignity. If our mother is fanatic, or a disciplinarian, or if a person is frightened by his mother in childhood, or if a person is a bad mother… this can lead to problems of the left heart. If motherhood in a woman is challenged, by her husband flirting with other women, she can develop breast cancer.

Asthma… may result if your right heart is catching… also sometimes centre heart, and is completely curable in Sahaja Yoga. At right heart… one can develop asthma, if either the person is a bad father or husband… or if that person has a bad husband or father relationship… or even if you haven’t forgiven your father. This centre may catch if the father has died and does not want to leave, or if… supposing your father has died very early in his life…

Problems with Heart Chakra and he has left a mark of unhappiness in your heart, or insecurity – because that means he is still hovering around you. It is also possible to get asthma if you have a wife who is a shrew. At the right heart, right sided people may have a very bad time with their children… with their parents… or with their wives.

Palpitations… is from an overactive heart that develops in right sided people… in which the heart pumps fast… and palpitations may take place. This may come to those who go headlong into wrong paths… and to wrong gurus.

If you pay too much attention to your physical side, you can become a dry personality… absolutely. Such a person gets heart troubles… because the spirit resides in the heart, and if you are too much physical, then the heart goes out – you must pay attention to your spirit. So you are not only a physical being… you are also a mental being… you are an emotional being… and, a spiritual being… all these must be integrated… and there should be a complete balance. One has to work, but work should not be put at the top of our priorities. If we work too hard, we may catch on the heart. Too much of hard work is not good. Work is not important – we will not have this after some time.

The Modern Hatha Yoga… is a misnomer… and is simply a set of exercises… which are effective in losing weight… but, you will get problems, because the left side is neglected, leading to dryness, and to left heart catching. The main thing with Hatha Yoga, is… there is no talk of compassion… so only physically you’ll improve – all Hatha Yogis have a problem.

The Sankoch of Shri Rama… if you don’t have within you… you can get right heart… so this Sankoch one has to learn… the Mariadas, means the boundaries of your relationships. The delicacy of understanding. You see… this arrogance and rudeness comes to us because we have no Sankoch. That Sankoch, that understanding comes if you love someone and understand.

Invariably, centre heart catches in people with Aids (1989-0801)