Heart 5 Summary



Heart Chakra – Summary

Chakra: Heart or Anahata

Deity: Shiva Parvati(L); Durga; Jagadamba(C) Shri Sita Rama(R)

Physical: The Heart; Sternum Bone;

Cardiac Plexus

Functions: Circulation; Immunity

Qualities: Love; Compassion; Sincerity; Joy;

Motherhood; Benevolence

Security; Confidence; Fearlessness; Protection Husband/Brother/Father relationships; Sankoch; Mariadas; Caring

Catch: Fear; Materialism; Overactivity;

Cunning; Vulgar; Vile; Thinking; Heavy drinking; Arrogance/Rudeness; Flirting;

Diseases: Heart Attack; Asthma; Aids; Breast Cancer

Treatments: Inhale, hold breath, exhale… 3 times repeating Jagadamba; Care for others; Recognise the Mother;

Learn Mariadas & practice Sankoch;

Affirmations: Mother please come in my heart;

I am the Spirit

Mantras: Use the Deity Name

Petals: Twelve

Position: Little Fingers; Centre of Sahastrara; Behind the sternum bone.

Country: England