Heart Attack


Heart Attack

When you pay too much attention to all these outward things… to material things… to your all material advancement… to your physical advancement… and to so much of computerisation of your brain… then you neglect the necessary attention to your Spirit, which resides in your heart… and so the Spirit recedes… and you get a heart attack. Only a person who is right sided gets a heart attack… and never a person who is left sided – in a mental hospital you never need a cardiogram… they never get a heart attack… a mad man never gets a heart attack… surprisingly… a person who is mad, using his heart more… his left side, his emotions more… his heart should go out… but no… his brain goes out… can you imagine… and the one who uses his brain… his heart goes out. This is the balance created by Nature in us. See how cleverly the Nature is trying to guide us into the centre… ‘don’t go to the extremes… keep to the centre… keep to the centre’… then when you are absolutely in the centre, then you get your evolution very quickly (1982-0514)

Can result from too much right side activity (1987-0500); Heart trouble is a very common thing people suffer from, because of overactivity of the mental self… e.g. Hatha Yogis so called, who are worried about their physical being, or everyone who is trying to be a wrestler, or a cinema actor, or those people who are running for hours together or for miles together – they lose all their power even to feel… they lose all their feelings for anybody else… they become dry people. And such people get heart attack. Those who are great thinkers, and great planners, who are great politicians you can say, or great economists and all that… those people also get to heart attack. The reason is that life is very imbalanced… they do not see to the left hand side… they do not see that they have an emotional being also within them, which is being starved, and they freeze the left side, and by that they get heart attack (1979-0720)

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Chakras affected: Right Side

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