Heart Centre


Centre Heart

The Heart centre, the fourth centre behind the sternum bone in the spinal cord, and in which the ‘lub-dub’ sound in the heart is produced without percussion (MME); The Kundalini, when it reaches the top of the head, you can feel the lub-dub of a heart… Kabira has said… ‘at the top of your head, you can feel Anahata’… Anahata is the sound of the heart… you can feel it… it has to happen (1982-1007)

The area of the soft bone at the crown of an infant’s head (1991-0505)… the Fontanelle bone area, through which passes the Kundalini, linking the human awareness to the All Pervading Power of Divine Love (MME)… is at the point where the Heart chakra is, so there is a direct connection with the Heart chakra (1983-0204); This is the hole through which the Kundalini pierces (1984-0622)… you are so built that your Brahmarandhra is also your heart. Try to open your heart by projecting it (1982-1219)

The fourth Chakra, controlled by Jagadamba (1981-0829), the Mother of the Universe and who gives security, and controls the sternum and antibody production (1981-1005); The antibodies… called ‘Ganas’ in Sanskrit… are under the control of the sternum bone, by which they are produced, and fight off ‘attacks’, or diseases… are ultimately under the control of the ‘Centre Heart’ chakra (MME)… where til the age of twelve years, we develop our antibodies… which later on in life go into the whole body… into the circulation and fight our diseases… and… fight our emotions (1979-0722); The ‘centre heart’ controls our immune system (MME), and manifests in the gross as the cardiac plexus (1983-0302); The centre of security and confidence (MME)

Invariably, this centre catches in people with Aids (1989-0801); Asthma… may also sometimes result if your centre heart is catching (1982-0402)… and is completely curable in Sahaja Yoga (1989-0801); To correct a centre heart problem, hold your breath, not with great force, but ordinarily, hold for a while then exhale – 3 times, and use the mantra for Jagadamba (1979-1118)

Jagadamba… first incarnated 14000 years back, whose quality includes security, and who controls the sternum bone and antibody production, and who incarnates many times to kill and destroy the evil forces, the Rakshasas, or devilish people; The Mother of the Universe residing in the centre heart; Part of Adi Shakti, the Desire Power of God (1994-1009; 1981-0829; 1981-1005)

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