Heat Burning


Heat – Burning

When felt on the fingers, is an indication of something wrong on the centres, and is indicative of a catch (1979-1203); When the Kalki chakra is caught up, all your fingers start burning… on the hands, the palms, sometimes even in the body you get a terrible burning (1979-0928); Burning… or tingling (1979-0608.2); We can feel catches on the fingers, as heat on the fingers, instead of cool all over… the fingers denote the chakras. After Realisation it is also possible to feel like ‘pins and needles’ on the hands – if there is a problem on the centres it can be cured (1979-1203)

The biggest sin of modern times, which is immorality, the ‘Sin against the Mother’, produces cancer which is also heat producing, and is also called the ‘Sin against the Goddess’ and results in psychosomatic, or physical diseases, such as Aids, cancer etc… with delayed punishment (1994-1009; 1983-0113.2); All cancer patients give heat (1981-0524)

Many wrong books have been written about Kundalini, saying that you will start jumping, or get heat or burning etc. This is all wrong, is satanic, and is written by people with wrong motives. The first Deity of Holiness sits at the triangular bone, and shows his temper by giving bad experiences to those who have experimented with the Kundalini in a wrong way, and has punished them as a result (1980-0609)

Now when you find that a person has a cancer… on the hands you find that all these fingers (all fingers of left hand – Ed) are burning… sometimes even these fingers (fingers on both the hands – Ed) start burning. If you put your hands toward a person who is suffering from cancer, all your fingers start burning (left and right hands – Ed)… and you start burning here and here (indicating the area on the outer part of the palms, at the base of all fingers, on both left and right hands – Ed). Also you may start feeling a throbbing here (indicating the solar plexus area – Ed)… of course throbbing doesn’t mean that a person has cancer, but it’s one of the symptoms. So far I haven’t seen one patient of cancer who has not been emotionally very much inclined… so it’s more a case of emotional disturbance (1982-1008)

If you find that your right side is hot, what you do is put your right side towards the photograph, and your left side up towards the ether… the ether takes away the heat. But what actually happens is that your right side gets the vibrations, and the heat is pushed towards your left and passes out into the ether. Now this heat comes from too much futuristic living… and this heat has to go away. For that, there are various things we have to use, but mainly for right sided people, they should not use any light at all… they should not sit in the Sun… but should sit in the moonlight. They should read some poetry… and should tie up their watches, and not look at time… and they should allow time to pass… and should just become very sort of emotional people… and should sing songs of bhakti. They should not do Hatha Yoga – there are many things they should not do (1988-0921); The Moon represents the Atma… the cooling capacity – you are all on the right side… so you ask for the Moon… ask for the Spirit (.0011)

A right sided person has all the elements which give heat… you can say the light and the fire… so to correct it, light is not going to help very much. What is going to work out is the Mother Earth and the water element which is cooling… even ice is very helpful to people who are right sided. So all cooling effects should be used for correcting your right sidedness. The same with food… those who are right sided should take to foods which are left sided i.e. carbohydrates, and should become partly vegetarian, and should eat things at the most like chickens, but not fishes or sea food, because they are all hot (1983-0121); For problems of the right side… of the stomach area… take sugar – 5 of the dharmas are helped by salt, and 5 are helped by sugar (1978-1005); Mango juice is not so good for people who have diarrhoea – the Indians know… that it’s very hot, and creates heat in the stomach, though it’s very tasty (1988-1221); Fish… is a strongly heat producing food, to be avoided by persons who are too much on the right side of the subtle system. Also sea foods in general (1983-0121)

Some of you might start feeling hot in the hands… maybe some of you… if so, you can just throw it away… or… those who are feeling the ‘left’ hand hot, please put your right hand on the heart… those who are feeling hot in the ‘right’ hand, then you put your left hand on the liver… just below the ribs… and right hand towards me (1979-0524); If the right hand is burning but not the left hand… that is when a person is right sided, being an intellectual or futuristic person (1983-0512), the left side subtle system is raised and taken over to the right side, by movement of the right hand, to bring the system into balance (1983-0121); If we have ego, we should raise the left side, and put it to the right side… there’s no other way out… you have to work it out with your hands (1983-0121); In vibrational terms… hot is not good… is caught up (1982-0711)

In Sahaja Yoga, we regard the left hand as the minus hand, and the right hand as the plus hand. Whatever you may do with the left hand, you are sucking in, whilst with the right hand you are giving out. So as an example, if you want to correct a liver which is overheated, you put the left hand on the liver, and the right hand outside, and then you are taking the heat from the liver, and giving it out with the right hand (1980-0517.2); To clear the liver, it is no good trying to use the fire element (directly – Ed), because it would be adding fire to fire – so if you want to use the fire, then you must take out heat from the liver with the left hand, and give it to the fire with the right hand (1980-0517.2)

Now this liver has a special capacity to extract all the poisons from the body… as heat… and the heat in the body is to be conveyed to the blood… and that has to be taken out of the body… maybe as perspiration… or in other forms. But what happens is that when this liver is out of gear… it cannot pass this heat into the blood stream… and the heat remains in the body… and you become heated up… and that makes all these problems for you. Those people who have bad liver feel a little heat when the Kundalini rises… but you can definitely cure your liver… no doubt about it (1982-0514)

We also can become confused and wobbly when we drink alcohol, which is against our attention. Alcohol was not intended for us to drink, but was provided for us as a polish. Gin is good for polishing diamonds. However if we drink it, then our liver suffers, being also polished, and so preventing the transfer of heat into the blood. The result is that we become hot tempered and angry (1981-0328); Flowing colds, characterised by sneezing, running nose, and hay fever are due to the liver producing heat (1987-0408); The liver gives heat, whilst the cooling is done by Vishuddhi (1983-0202)

Another precaution you have to take is that when you are sitting in the Sun, sometimes your head gets very heated up, and then immediately if you go and get cold water, definitely you will get sick – no doubt about it. So if you are sitting in the Sun, immediately you should never, never, never take any water, til you have eaten something sweet… take some sugar, or jagari, or a biscuit or something… even if you are very thirsty you should not take it; If these little precautions have been taken, then nothing should happen to Sahaja Yogis… if we get sick then our Mother gets sick… that’s what the problem is (1988-1221)

Hamsa chakra is a very material thing… and has to be worked on, on a material level only… and is where you get troubles like sinus, colds and coughs, and all that… and can result from the drying up of the nose… because of the use of central heating. Indians, Maharashtrians especially, take a Kaduk bath… means with very hot water… this is an absolutely wrong idea. Normally a cold bath is best… but if not possible, then take a tepid water. This will solve one of the problems that you do not expose yourself to too much cold or heat – the temperature is kept the same as the room temperature. People have died… of their lung cancer, because they can’t get out of ‘their’ bad habit of taking bath every morning. I call it bad habit for Indians, not for the English… because they take their bath, and then immediately are going out to work. So take your bath at 4 o’clock in the morning, stay in the house and get used to the climate, and then go out… or take your bath in the night (.0011)

Now, heat and cold… for example – to take coffee, and then take water is absolutely wrong. Water if you take, then gradually heat it up… and take coffee last… and then don’t take water til you have taken some carbohydrates. I mean this is what it is… is the heat and the cold… the combination of the heat and the cold should be understood; Supposing you have taken coffee… then after that you cannot take anything cold; So if you’re taking ice cream… first take the ice cream, then take a biscuit, then take some water, then take a biscuit, and then… you can take something hot. Now supposing you are taking something hot, and you have to take water also, then take 3 biscuits (1988-1221; 0.0011)

In England they eat so much of cold foods that I am amazed… the amount of ice western people eat, we can’t understand. Indiscriminately they’ll take ice cream… and after that they’ll take coffee… or after coffee they’ll take ice cream… before eating ice they’ll have hot… that’s the worst of all. We don’t understand how to discriminate between hot and cold. Food also we should not eat immediately from the oven, sizzling… sizzling food you should not eat. I don’t know why such devilish ideas are coming – let your juices flow out to digest it… and then eat it… otherwise you’ll burn your tongue… your palate… burn everything. So best is to keep a tepid understanding of food also… so water should not be very hot… food should not be very hot (0.0011)

Left Side… is the side which is cool, and needs heat (1980-0517.2)… whilst the Right Side or Sun channel (1981-1005)… is the side which is hot and needs cooling down (1980-0517.2); The Vishuddhi… looks after the cooling function – the liver gives heat, whilst the cooling is done by Vishuddhi. If the Vishuddhi is good, then there is a bloom on the face, a glow, a sparkle in the eyes (1983-0202)

A Realised Soul… if he goes in a place, which is not to be seen… or to a guru or somebody like that… immediately he will feel heated up… and if he doesn’t run away… if he still goes on and on… he will lose his vibrations… and he’ll become just like the other person (1977-0215)

People who are in the ‘centre’ may suffer from the drying up of the liquid in the body, if they have to fight the anti-God elements very much… so a kind of dryness can develop in their peritoneum… that’s why it’s nice for them to eat some ghee or butter. They must rub their fingers and hands… with ghee or butter… to soothe it down, because the heat from the other people can make them dried up (1983-0209)

When the Kundalini enters the limbic area, the lotus opens, and looks like flames but with no heat, but extremely cooling and soothing (1996-0505); The catalyst that causes the Kundalini to rise

– the identity of which is easy to find out: simply to ask the question, and see the answer on the flow of vibrations (cool flow to confirm… absence of or heat to deny); Ask questions of the Primordial Mother (1984-0702)

Now how will you know that these vibrations are telling you the truth… it’s very simple if you understand the common sense of ‘relativity’… like… bring two mad people, absolutely certified as mad… and two sane people… now you put your hands towards the people who are mad… you will get horrible burning… maybe in the whole hand… on the left hand side. You get maybe ten cases like that. Now you ask the question… ‘is there God’… and you start getting Cool Breeze flowing into you… or… ‘is this power… All Pervading’… you start getting Cool Breeze flowing into you. That is how you find out which is the truth (1980-0721)

Moreover, a Realised Soul cannot get burnt… the fire cannot burn… the burning cannot come to him… it is very important to understand… also if you are doing something wrong, it may burn you… but if you are a good Sahaja Yogi… and I should say a perfect Sahaja Yogi, fire will never burn you. We have an example of Sitaji… that she went into the fire… nothing burnt her. So this is what one has to understand… that once you get to the subtleties… of the fire, and the water… both of them, become sort of Divine (1998-1216)

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