There are three areas, which are very dangerous… where we should not enter into… the Supraconscious… the Subconscious… and down below… is the Hell (1983-1001); It is a reality (1987-0513); It is the easiest thing to go to Hell – you don’t have to do anything, or make any effort for it (1983-0204); That exists all around us; Is a bottomless pit (1979-0507); The area that exists down below this last chakra… is the Hell… absolute Hell (1983-1001); Is described the best by Mahavira, and where there are worms, mosquitoes etc. (1985-0000.2)

Down below are the 7 stratas of Hell – Hell exists… within us… it is there… and there are 7 stratas of that also. On top of the head is the Superconscious mind, which is the subtle mind… is the Eternal Mind… the Unconscious into which you have to go… also in 7 stratas (1977-1121)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1985-0000.2 Nasik talk – see 1985-0000.1 good 25

1977-1121 Tantrism, Caxton Hall poor 75

1979-0507 Sahaja Yoga Introduction good 60

1983-0204 Sahastrara – Delhi (+ Q&A: 10 mins) good 60 1983-1001 Santa Cruz interview good 45

1987-0513 Melbourne PP [PP video set 4/5,6] good

– end – 12 Sep 2002