High Blood Pressure


High Blood Pressure

Is a right side complication… associated with the kidneys, which can arise from a right side imbalance of the Swadisthan (1984-0313; 1982-1008), when we are working too much; To cure this problem, take the Photo, and raise Left to Right (firstly 108 times, then 21 times, then 7 times), and do footsoaking, with salt in the water. Raise left, and bring Grace to the right (1983-0129); Right sided people are vulnerable to kidney troubles (1983-0209); Supposing he is suffering from high blood pressure and other things like that, he has to take to food which will… he should stop eating meats and things like that… so he balances (1983-0308)

Tape References:

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– end – 27 Oct 2003