Is a phonetic language… it has a sound… and that sound gives that vibratory effect. You try to learn it. My mother tongue is Marathi… but I speak Hindi… because after all, I know the importance of it. You can know our own, one National language… there’s no harm in it… little bit of Hindi language if you learn, it’s a good thing (1977-0215)

I’ll be happy if you could learn Hindi language… best is to learn Hindi… that too a good Hindi, not Sanskritised, but a day-to-day Hindi… because I feel better if you all understand what I am saying… it’s not difficult, because you are all Sahaja Yogis – you can learn Hindi in no time. It’s not because Hindi is my language… it is not… it’s Marathi… but Marathi is very difficult – I don’t think you can learn Marathi… it’s very precise… but Hindi, you should… it is very easy. You must know one thing… that in Hindi language, there is ‘Adub’… means modesty and… respect… but more than respect… a style of saying things… not in Urdu, but in Hindi, of day-to-day talking… there’s respect, and a way to address others. All this will give you… a kind of a more flexible vehicle to express your love (1997-1225)

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