There could also be some… of these busy bodies… on the right hand side – Hitler used them – some of these dead spirits, who can catch hold of you… they can enter into your being… the Supraconscious ones, which are very aggressive. Hitler is the one who used these Supraconscious people… these very aggressive people… and enticed the poor German people and made them so aggressive (1982-1008)

Who took 9 years to build himself up, and who started destroying people (1998-0320); Who killed so many people, yet never realised he was doing something wrong. Ultimately he killed himself because he was afraid he’d be caught… not that he repented (1998-0705)

These two areas… the Collective Subconscious, and the Collective Supraconscious… are to be avoided (1982-1008)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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– end – 1 Jun 2003