Holy Ghost


The Holy Ghost

All Pervading Power, of God’s Love; The Mother in the Trinity (1983-1001); The Adi Shakti (1984-0708); The Primordial Mother (1985-1128); Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost, The Ruh; The Paramchaitanya; Rutumbhara (MME)

The ‘Power’ of God, who does all the Divine Play, and which is witnessed by the Father aspect of God; In the Bible, it is a mystery, because the Mother of Christ was the Holy Ghost, and it was thought that if attention goes to Her, She will be killed – and then Christ who had 11 destroying powers would have destroyed the whole world. So that is why they never said anything about the Mother – who is Mahalakshmi, who is the Power of Ascent, who is the Protector, and who kills all the demons and devils both inside you and without, and is called as Jagadamba, the Mother of the Universe (1983-0302); Who eats the bhoots (1989-0423), and who is the Kundalini within you (1982-1219)

The power… ‘She’ is the power, and ‘She’ is called as Shakti… ‘She’ is the power. So ‘He’ is the God Almighty… and his power is a ‘She’… the Holy Ghost…the Divine Power of God… is Love… which has got… one is the Creative power… and another is the power of Desire. First he must have desire… and then he creates… so, he has the power of Desire… then he has the power of Creativity… and also he has a third power which gives us Sustainance… and Evolution… so this third power is more important because that gives us this Ascent also. This is the manifestation of the Holy Ghost, which is the power of God Almighty… which is the power of his Divine Love (1982-1008)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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