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Hot & Cold

Hot and cold is a very important thing one has to know. You should never take a bath with hot water in the open, or with the window open… if you do, sure shot you will get a temperature. If you have to take a hot water bath, take it in the night, or at the time when you can go off into your bed; But if you take a bath with cold water, you can never catch cold, because the temperature is the same; In England, if you take a hot bath and go out immediately… you can get cancer of the lungs (1988-1221)… in the UK, bathing is better done at night before retiring, to avoid problems due to the cold climate (1982-0710); Don’t take a hot bath in the open… always get into cold water… cold is always good (1988-1221); In the River Ganges, the water is absolutely freezing cold… but people get into it slowly, slowly they slip into it, and when you come out your cheeks are red like apples… it’s so very cold. But nothing happens, nobody catches cold or anything… so in running water is the cleanest, and where you can… get into cold water (1988-1221)

Indians, Maharashtrians especially, take a Kaduk bath… means with very hot water… this is an absolutely wrong idea. Normally a cold bath is best… but if not possible, then take a tepid water. This will solve one of the problems that you do not expose yourself to too much cold or heat – the temperature is kept the same as the room temperature. People have died… of their lung cancer, because they can’t get out of ‘their’ bad habit of taking bath every morning. I call it bad habit for Indians, not for the English… because they take their bath, and then immediately are going out to work. So take your bath at 4 o’clock in the morning, stay in the house and get used to the climate, and then go out… or take your bath in the night (.0011)

Bathroom addiction is too much in English people I have seen… they are very bathroom conscious… though they do not take baths… one should just form such habits that within 10 minutes you should be out from the bathroom; You should take a bath at a time when you will have one hour before going out; So use water as much as you can… wash your hands 10 times… is very essential… to get your vibrations alright you must wash your hands (1980-0927); Before Puja, you must take your bath

(1980-0927); Some people go without bathing the body, for months together… then you have no respect for yourself (1978-1002)

Laziness is not a very good thing, and for that I think… early in the morning, 4 o’clock, if you take a bath, you won’t feel lazy the whole day… if you can try that… all day you’ll feel very energetic… but you must do it early in the morning, because after that you must spend at least 2 hours in the house… then there won’t be any problem (1989-1203)

In India, the custom is to eat very hot food… garam garam kha… so garam… they are really garam people. In England they eat so much of cold foods that I am amazed… the amount of ice western people eat, we can’t understand. Indiscriminately they’ll take ice cream… and after that they’ll take coffee… or after coffee they’ll take ice cream… before eating ice they’ll have hot… that’s the worst of all. We don’t understand… how to discriminate between hot and cold. Food also we should not eat immediately from the oven, sizzling… sizzling food you should not eat. I don’t know why such devilish ideas are coming – let your juices flow out to digest it… and then eat it… otherwise you’ll burn your tongue… your palate… burn everything. So best is to keep a tepid understanding of food also… so water should not be very hot… food should not be very hot (.0011)

Or supposing you have taken coffee… then after that you cannot take anything cold; So if you’re taking ice cream… first take the ice cream, then take a biscuit, then take some water, then take a biscuit, and then… you can take something hot. Now supposing you are taking something hot, and you have to take water also, then take 3 biscuits (1988-1221; .0011)

Another precaution you have to take is that when you are sitting in the Sun, sometimes your head gets very heated up, and then immediately if you go and get cold water, definitely you will get sick – no doubt about it. So if you are sitting in the Sun, immediately you should never, never, never take any water, til you have eaten something sweet… take some sugar, or jagari, or a biscuit or something… even if you are very thirsty you should not take it; If these little precautions have been taken, then nothing should happen to Sahaja Yogis… if we get sick then our Mother gets sick… that’s what the problem is (1988-1221)

We should cover the head in winter time, so that there is no freezing of the brain… covering is to be occasional, not all the time… if it is too tight, you can get bad circulation; Also to avoid sitting in the Sun, so the brain does not get melted (1983-0204); Protect the throat from cold conditions, and if we speak, speak of Sahaja Yoga (1983-0202)

Fashion is madness (1997-1005); You see the fashion is to expose the knees… it’s very dangerous, because you can get both the Nabhis… in this cold weather… or hot weather… either you catch the right Nabhi, or the left Nabhi… and what is there in the knees, to expose. So for Sahaja Yogis it is important that they must decide… ‘now, that’s all finished… no more’ (1996-0710); It’s so absurd… I just can’t understand… like in England, it is so very cold… in Scotland even worse… but people don’t wear anything when they sleep… I mean that’s easiest way to get sick… they don’t wear undershirts. Then the most fashionable dresses… are the dresses where you cannot see any cloth anywhere… I mean, it’s all missing. The women… the way they dress up… I’m surprised… this is the best way to get sick (.0011)

In vibrational terms… hot is not good… is caught up (1982-0711); The ‘Cool breeze’… could be hot with some people… because of their problems – if it is hot, there is something wrong with you (1981-0524); Some of you might start feeling hot in the hands… maybe some of you… if so, you can just throw it away… or… those who are feeling the left hand hot, please put your right hand on the heart… those who are feeling hot in the right hand, then you put your left hand on the liver… just below the ribs… and right hand towards me (1979-0524)

‘Cool breeze’… is not a thing that is freezingly cold… if it is freezingly cold, that means ‘left side’. Cool breeze is actually never ‘very cold’… it’s not freezing. It could be hot with some people… it could be very cool… because of their problems… but if you are a normal person, you feel a cooler sensation… it is slightly less than your body temperature… it’s not so very cooling as to freeze you. If it is hot, there is something wrong with you (1981-0524)

A Realised Soul… if he goes in a place, which is not to be seen… or to a guru or somebody like that… immediately he will feel heated up… and if he doesn’t run away… if he still goes on and on… he will lose his vibrations… and he’ll become just like the other person (1977-0215)

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