Hot Tempered


Hot Tempered

A hot tempered fellow… when he gets into hot temper… should think of somebody who is very silent by temperament. Or, a man who is… so silent that, he… can’t say anything… although he is angry about it… when his Mother is insulted… then, if he thinks of someone who would not tolerate this stuff… then immediately he will get the power. So you have to choose to be in the company of a Sahaja Yogi who does not have the same habits (1977-0126.1)

In Sahaja Yoga, you are not allowed, at all, this asceticism… you have to be loving, affectionate, kind… and… ‘disciplined’ – I must say this… because when you are loving, you go out of bounds sometimes… because you have no discipline of Sahaja Yoga. Loving doesn’t mean that you become like Romeo-Juliet… doesn’t mean that. You must have your balance, through your discipline – if you have no discipline… you can never be a good Sahaja Yogi (1997-1225); Without doing anything… without saying anything, you got your Realisation…you got it Sahaj… in a very simple manner… you didn’t do anything about it… absolutely Sahaj… so you have no business to be harsh, horrible, hot tempered or strict gurus. But it crawls up, I have seen sometimes… quite a lot of military business starts… in Sahaja Yoga also… that cannot be… no disciplining is needed. The way we deal with others is… by… kindness… sweetness… concern… that’s what your Mother has given… concern (1992-0719)

Now liver trouble is another thing you yourself do not feel… others know you are liverish… the way you are hot tempered… the way you are fussy… the way you snarl at people… the way you are never satisfied with anything… the way you criticise others… all this is liverish. Such liverish people are never happy with themselves. The liver looks after your attention… and those who have liver problems, their attention is horrid… when they walk… they don’t walk straight… but their eyes are going this way… that way… their attention is wobbly… because of a bad liver (1982-0514); Alcohol… was not intended for us to drink, but was provided for us as a polish. Gin is good for polishing diamonds. However if we drink it, then our liver suffers, being also polished, and so preventing the transfer of the heat into the blood. The result is that we become hot tempered and angry. We also can become confused and wobbly when we drink alcohol, which is against our attention (1981-0328)

If somebody has complained that you are hot tempered… accept it… just accept it… is a great thing that there is somebody who tells you that. If somebody says you are miserly… accept it… so we must change. If you don’t want to change… you’d better leave… that’s the main point (1981-0904); If you are hot-tempered, alright go and beat yourself with shoes… but if you are not, then you need not… you must know what you are… first of all introspect… then accordingly, you should work it out (1997-1225)

Right sided people have a very very overactive personality… and become very hot tempered and obnoxious… and can be so cruel. Such a man aggressively destroys others… the images of others… pulls them down… criticises others… jumps on them… he can be hot tempered… can be absolutely demonic – Hitler is the example. These people who eat too much of proteins… all the time, meat, and heavy foods… they develop muscular capacities too much. They will be very quarrelsome and aggressive… snappy and sharp in their language; They look brilliant, and consider themselves to be very intelligent… but actually they are stupid people; Now he may not look mentally upset… but when he grows old, he will just talk… he’ll go on talking so much… so egotistical that he just goes on talking… he doesn’t allow anybody to speak. This is very injurious to a proper social life (1983-0209); Any person who leads a life of asceticism of a severe type, like Vishwamitra, or Durwasa… these people become so hot tempered, that you cannot talk to them… they are very snappy… their language is very sharp (1983-0209)

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Chakras affected: Right Side

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